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We’ve been blessed to work with so many wonderful clients over the years. From big name companies to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Below is a selection of testimonials for you to review, many of which include actual results achieved.

"Over $100,000 Worth Of Sales"

For a long time I struggled to find a decent copywriter. I tried many only to find that they just couldn’t deliver the goods.Then a close friend suggested that I call Jesse Forrest, so I did. Right from the word go I found Jesse easy to communicate with and he understood exactly where I was coming from. I figured I would he him try.
Twelve months on I’m pleased to say I’m ecstatic with the results. Jesse’s copy has been responsible for over $100,000 worth of sales. Needless to say I recently engaged him for yet another project and within a few short weeks I’ve already seen noticeable increase in sales.I know for a fact Jesse’s copy works, so I’d happy recommend him to anyone.


"Doubled My Sales … And Orders Tripled From $50 To Over $200"

I came to Jesse’s website (and) I was very sceptical. Thinking how could changing my ad copy literally change my results that much.
I have to tell you that my sales DOUBLED from the ad copy. But more importantly, when people went to my shopping cart … he also re-wrote that for me … the orders TRIPLED from $50 to over $200 per purchase!
Every project will have Jesse as a part of it, because he’s literally changed my business. I definitely think you should give this guy a try, he’s fantastic!


"He is very reliable, he writes great sales copy & web copy"

Jesse is a fantastic website copywriter and I’ve worked with him very closely and referred numerous clients to him. He’s very reliable, he writes great sales copy and web copy. And also too, most of our clients that I’ve worked with, I always recommend him. So if you’re looking for someone who can write really good sales copy for you, then I highly recommend Jesse Forrest!


"These reports have been instrumental in generating new leads and enquiries"

Jesse wrote a series of white paper reports for our training and qualifications business, Churchill Education. Jesse was fast, reliable and easy to work with and the reports he wrote were detailed, informative and professionally written. These reports have been instrumental in generating new leads and enquiries from our website and educate people about the value of our services. If you’re looking for an excellent white paper writer and copywriter, Jesse Forrest is your man.


"You Are My Secret Weapon"

Everyone says, ‘Holly that is absolutely the best sales letter you’ve ever written!’ Then of course, I have to reveal that you are my ‘secret weapon’. I’ve gotta tell you, we launched exactly one month ago, and we’ve sold 100 packages. Which isn’t too shabby when you consider that each package is $1,000. And more sales continue to come in every single day. Jesse, I just hope you still have time for me after I’ve told all my friends about you.


"Overwhelming Number Of People Signing Up For Our First 2 Seminars"

Jesse created a landing page for us to get clients to come to a free seminar. He got into our heads and drew out of us exactly who we we’re targeting, what our clients we’re looking for, and he wrote fantastic words that said it all. The end results was an overwhelming number of people signing up for our first 2 seminars that we ran. Far more than we could ever have imagined. I honestly believe that landing page created such a brilliant first impression, that was the main reason why people signed up.


"We have now opened up 7 new centres
this year and our business is growing rapidly!"

We were ready to take our business nationwide and open up more centres around Australia. We needed a Franchisee information pack to explain the opportunity to potential investors and franchisees. Jesse helped us improve our wording and truly sell the benefits of being a part of Begin Bright. We have now opened up 7 new centres this year and our business is growing rapidly!


"400% Increase In My Sales"

Thank you so much for your video critique, after I implemented what you suggested I made in one week more than what I used to make in 1 month that’s a 400% increase in my sales! I really can’t thank you enough and I would definitely need your critiques for all my websites, you really helped me a lot by showing me exactly what I need to do to increase my sales. Your video critique is so in depth no hype or fluff, you were right to the point and it’s definitely worth every penny, highly recommended. Thanks again.


"Doubled Our Conversion Rate From $1,000 To $2,000 Per Month!"

Hi this is Kevin Tuck from the Fun Music Company. I don’t hire lots of copywriters, but I had Jesse do a video critique of one of our sales letters. This site had been performing alright, averaging about $1,000 every month. However, with a few improvements Jesse suggested to the headline, opening body text and the guarantee, our website now turns over double what it was doing before, or about $2,000 a month. Therefore, with a 100% improvement of our website, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jesse for any copywriting project.


"Over 230 New Conversions Because We Listened To Your Feedback"

Hey Jesse, I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I’ve had over 230 new conversions just since sending an email campaign yesterday, 13 legit quote requests just on Monday alone even before I sent the email campaign and with nowhere near the traffic numbers I’m aiming for so our conversion rate is phenomenal! Over 50% of the ones that clicked through from my newsletter converted on site. So THANK YOU so much because we listened to your feedback and implemented a lot of the changes… Our bounce rate is already down 10%. Couldn’t be happier! Now our sales guys just need to keep up.