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When you fill out the application form, be sure to include any relevant information about yourself, your writing experience and your best portfolio examples.

Be sure to complete the writing assignment as well as possible. Please allow up to 14 business days for us to review and respond to your application.

You can apply by visiting our Careers page and filling out our application form for the copywriter or content writer positions

You should know we only accept native-English-speaking applicants at this time.

Successful applicants are assigned fixed-price copywriting jobs on a per-project basis. We offer standard and premium rates based on your level of experience and project type.

You will be paid within 7 business days of the project being marked as complete. A project is completed when the copy has been submitted to and approved by the client.

Payment is via Paypal only. You need to have a working Paypal account in order to receive payment.

Sharing of personal contact details (email address, phone number, social media accounts or Skype details, etc) with our customers is strictly prohibited. If you need help with anything or have any questions, you should contact our support team.

Absolutely not. The work you submit must be 100% original and unique to the project you are working on. We thoroughly check all work submitted for plagiarism, and if it is found to be copied from outside sources or previous work, you will not be paid and will no longer be working for our agency.

Yes. You must state all of your Copywriting Crew earnings in your annual tax return. We do not withhold income tax from your earnings. We are not tax accountants or advisors, so please contact a professional accountant for advice on how to report your income.

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