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Copywriting Crew offers affordable, high-quality and fast turn around copywriting and content writing services. We write engaging, professional and unique content and copy for websites, blog posts, video scripts, landing pages, Facebook ads and more. Click here to review our pricing or contact us if you have any questions.

Absolutely! You can check out examples for all of the different writing services we offer in our portfolio here.

Standard level writing is a great option for clients who are on a budget and still need quality writing. If your content doesn’t require a lot of research or subject-matter expertise, then standard level writing is for you. You will be assigned a great writer (but not an editor) for your project.

Premium level writing is the best option for clients who want to work with our most experienced writers and editors. Your content will be written by one of our top-tier writers with subject-matter expertise and reviewed by a professional editor as well.

We will always match your project with a writer who has experience in writing for your specific industry or niche.

Turn-around time is typically 4 to 7 business days (depending on the word count) from when you answer our research questionnaire. It also depends on the writing service you choose.

We are more than happy to rewrite the first draft to ensure you are pleased with the copy. In fact, you are entitled to request up to two rounds of revisions (free of charge).

Please watch this video to learn how to request changes to the content or copy we send you.

We cannot guarantee our copy will generate a specific result or conversion rate. How could we? There are too many factors outside of our control. Such as the overall demand for your product or service, pricing, market competition, etc. As my grandfather used to say, “there are no guarantees in life, only death, and taxes.”

Yes, you will own the copyright to the documents you hire us to write.

Our process is simple and straightforward.

1. Purchase a copywriting service that suits your needs
2. Answer our in-depth research questionnaire
3. We match your project with a writer who has experience in writing for your specific industry
4. We send you the copy to you for review. You can request up to 2 rounds of revisions or changes free of charge.

We accept most major Credit Cards.