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Why do you need white paper writing services?

Are you looking to increase your business’s credibility and reach more people? White papers are a great way to do just that! But crafting a well-structured document can be tough. Our content writing team are experts when it comes to white paper content.

Not only can we help you put together content that meets all your business’s needs, but it can also be used as a marketing tool to show off how much you know about your industry.

Plus, our team is experienced in researching and making sure that your arguments are super persuasive. We’ll make sure that your business is seen as a thought leader in your industry, which will increase your chances of converting potential customers.

Additionally, by publishing your white paper online, you can rank it on Google and other search engines, which can drive organic traffic to your website. 

If you share your content on social media and position yourself as an industry expert, you can reach a target audience that is interested in your industry. 

Outsourcing the research and writing to a team of expert writers is a great way to save time and money. So don’t hesitate and hire our team of professional writers today!

How we work

1. Sign up

Order a one-time project or sign up for a monthly plan. Answer a simple questionnaire about your business, target audience, and tone of voice and our team will handle the rest.

2. Match

Our project manager will carefully match you with a writer with industry experience and an editor to review. We will research, write and deliver your custom content quickly.

3. Review

You’ll receive your content within a few days. Request unlimited revisions within 7 days, and our team will promptly make any changes or edits.

Why choose Copywriting Crew?

High-quality copywriting services

We ensure that you get quality white paper content that will make your business stand out

Quick turnaround time

Need the content quickly? Copywriting Crew delivers fast, so you can get your project done on time

Excellent customer service

Our project manager is available to answer any question or concern you might have and typically responds within a few hours (Monday to Friday)

Smooth and hassle-free projects

Our proven 3-step writing process allows us to research, write and deliver most types of content within 3 to 5 business days.

Unlimited revisions

Not happy with the content? You can request unlimited revisions and changes within a week of receiving the content.

Best value for your money

Professional, high-quality content delivered in a few days at an affordable price, now that's value for money.

What our satisfied clients are saying...

These reports have been instrumental in generating new leads and enquiries

Jesse wrote a series of white paper reports for our training and qualifications business, Churchill Education. Jesse was fast, reliable and easy to work with and the reports he wrote were detailed, informative and professionally written. These reports have been instrumental in generating new leads and enquiries from our website and educate people about the value of our services. If you’re looking for an excellent white paper writer and copywriter, Jesse Forrest is your man.

Tricia Velthuizen – Managing Director of Churchill Education

We have now opened up 7 new centres this year and our business is growing rapidly!

We were ready to take our business nationwide and open up more centres around Australia. We needed a Franchisee information pack to explain the opportunity to potential investors and franchisees. Jesse helped us improve our wording and truly sell the benefits of being a part of Begin Bright. We have now opened up 7 new centres this year and our business is growing rapidly!

Tina Tower – Founder and CEO of Begin Bright Learning Centres WINNER at 2013 Australian Small Business Champion Awards


White paper services are professional writing services that specialize in creating white papers, which are in-depth, informative documents that provide a detailed analysis of a specific topic or problem. They are often used in business and government to explain a particular policy or position and are intended to educate and persuade the reader.

The term “white paper” is believed to have originated with the British government, where official documents were printed on white paper. Since then, the term “white paper” has come to mean any detailed, informative document that solves a specific problem or explains a policy or position.

The main difference between a white paper and a technical report is that a white paper is typically shorter, more focused, and more persuasive in nature. 

Technical reports are often longer, more detailed, and provide a comprehensive analysis of a topic or problem. These reports are intended for a specific audience and are often used to promote a particular product, service or policy.

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