10 Website Copywriting Mistakes

That cause your visitors to leave and how to fix them

10 Website Copywriting Mistakes

Are you making these 10 website copywriting mistakes? Even if you’re only making one or two, you could be losing profitable leads and clients due to weak, boring or poor-performing website copy.

Download this free guide now and find out if you’re making any of these copywriting mistakes that could be costing you thousands of dollars in potential clients, sales and customers.

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Hi, I’m Jesse Forrest, chief copywriter and founder of Copywriting Crew. I’ve been working as a copywriter for the last 15 years and have written effective copy for hundreds of satisfied clients in over 153 different industries.

I’ve shared my copywriting tips at business conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and in Los Angeles. I wrote this free 12-page guide to help business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers turn their underperforming websites around!

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