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Why Do Landing Pages Convert Better? 

A landing page is unlike any other web page. A landing page is a stand-alone page separate from your website that has:


No distracting links, navigation menu or options


A focused message that promotes one offer


One goal and purpose (to generate leads or sales)


One click-worthy call to action button

So, what’s the difference between a home page and landing page? 

Your website homepage is the lobby of your business. It contains general information about your company, products and services. It has a navigation menu, links to other pages, clickable buttons and more.

Unlike a homepage, a landing page promotes just one thing. It has a focused message directed to one audience and a clear call to action. And that’s why landing pages convert more than any other web page.

Get A Better Return On Your Advertising 

Landing Page Copywriters

If you’re spending money on Facebook ads or Google Adwords you’ll get a better return on investment (more leads and sales) by sending your traffic to a dedicated landing page. 

To convert your visitors into leads, sales or clients, your landing page content needs to be clear, engaging and professional. If it’s confusing or boring, visitors will bounce within seconds, unlikely to return.

If you’re like many business owners, you’re either too busy or just don’t know how to write a landing page that converts. No worries, we’re here to help!

We provide fast and affordable landing page copywriting from experienced and specialist Native English copywriters. We can write, edit and deliver fresh content to you within 4 to 7 days (depending on the word count).

Which Landing Page Is Right For You?

Sales page 

A short or long-form sales page can be used to sell anything from products and services to courses, events, and more. The content is structured in a way that gains attention, creates desire, and motivates visitors to buy.

Lead capture page

Typically offers visitors something valuable for free (a checklist, ebook, video, webinar, etc.) in exchange for the visitor’s contact information (first name, email address, phone number).

Clickthrough page 

Unlike other landing pages, a clickthrough page does not include a lead capture form. The goal is to inspire people to ‘click through’ to another page (perhaps to a sales or lead capture page) where the conversion will happen.

Ready To Get Started?

Landing Page Content Best Practices 

Here are the best practices to follow when writing landing page content. 


A clear headline that matches what was clicked


A hero Image that represents what the page is about


A sub-headline that communicates the value proposition


A click-worthy CTA button


Key benefits that create desire and interest


Relevant and credible testimonials


Features that provide important details


FAQs that answer common questions and objections


Final CTA that persuades visitors to take action

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Native English Copywriters

Our experienced, professional and hand-picked web copywriters are all Native English speakers from Australia, USA and the UK.

Boost Conversion Rates

Is your existing landing page not converting? We know how to write effective and compelling content that converts more visitors into qualified leads and sales.

Fast Turn-Around

Due to our streamlined process and dedicated project managers, we are able to write and deliver high-converting landing page content fast. 

Written In Your Voice 

We take the time to research your target audience, your offer, and what makes your business unique before writing powerful landing page content.  

Landing Page Portfolio Examples

We’ve written for 153+ different industries and niches!

What Clients Are Saying

Why Do Landing Pages Convert Better?

Over $100,000 Worth Of Sales

I’m pleased to say I’m ecstatic with the results. Jesse’s copy has been responsible for over $100,000 worth of sales. Needless to say I recently engaged him for yet another project and within a few short weeks I’ve already seen noticeable increase in sales. I know for a fact Jesse’s copy works, so I’d happily recommend him to anyone.”

Dale Beaumont - CEO of Business Blueprint

Hire experienced landing page copywriters

Overwhelming Number Of People Signing
Up For Our First 2 Seminars

Jesse created a landing page for us to get clients to come to a free seminar. He got into our heads and drew out of us exactly who we were targeting, what our clients we’re looking for, and he wrote fantastic words that said it all. The end results was an overwhelming number of people signing up for our first 2 seminars that we ran. Far more than we could ever have imagined. I honestly believe that landing page created such a brilliant first impression, that was the main reason why people signed up.”

Vicky Friedman Kuriel - Founder and Managing Director of Eat Play Thrive

Frequently Asked Questions

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that is usually separate from your website. Unlike a website homepage, a landing page has no distracting links, navigation menu or options. It has a focused message that promotes a product, service or free offer. A landing page has one goal, purpose, or call to action and typically a higher conversion rate than other webpages.

The cost to write landing page content depends on several factors. Do you need a long or short landing page (word count)? Do you need just one or several (quantity)? Do you want to work with standard or premium writers (experience level)? You can get an instant quote by visiting the secure order page here.

Our typical turnaround time is between 4 and 7 business days depending on how many landing pages you need and the word count of each.

Here is the simple 4-step process we follow to ensure we deliver high-converting landing page content fast and affordably.

1. Create an instant quote and order here.

2. Answer the in-depth research questionnaire.
3. We match your project with a specialist writer who has industry experience.
4. We send you the landing page content to review. You can request up to 2 rounds of revisions or changes free of charge.

We offer both standard and premium level writing on the order page.

Standard level writing is a great option for clients who are on a budget and still need quality writing. If your content doesn’t require a lot of research or subject-matter expertise, then standard level writing is for you. You will be assigned a great writer (but not an editor) for your project.

Premium level writing is the best option for clients who want to work with the most experienced writers and editors. Your content will be written by a top-tier writer with subject-matter expertise and reviewed by a professional editor as well.

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