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Why Hire A SaaS Copywriter?

More leads, sales, conversions, revenue and customers.

If you're a SaaS company looking to turn more of your website browsers into leads, sales and conversions, then you've come to the right place.

Our experienced SaaS copywriters can help you write clear and compelling copy that persuades your visitors to book demos or sign up for a subscription.

Why is SaaS copywriting important?

Copywriting is one of the most important skills in online marketing today. It’s the art and science of crafting messages that influence your ideal clients to take action.

Engaging and effective copy means:

Why SaaS Founders Shouldn't
Write Their Own Content

If you're like most SaaS business owners, you don't have time to write all of the content needed to promote your business online—website copy, landing pages, emails, etc. Your time would be better focused on growing your business, not struggling with a blank screen.

You may feel that you're too close to your business. A fresh pair of eyes could bring a new perspective and ideas that you hadn't thought of.

Or maybe your website, landing pages and FB ads aren't converting and you don't know why. You may feel that you're too close to your business and have run out of ideas. A skilled SaaS conversion copywriter can bring a fresh perspective and increase revenue with better copywriting.

What Can A SaaS Copywriter Do For You?

Need help creating content that converts? Here are some of the SaaS copywriting services we provide. If you need something that isn't on the list below, please get in touch, and we will do our best to help you out by creating custom content.

Affordable Copywtiting

SEO Blog Posts and Articles

Our SaaS SEO copywriters conduct keyword research and write original, high-quality and SEO-friendly content on trending topics in your niche.

Professional Native

Email Campaigns

We can write onboarding, marketing, renewal, or nurturing emails to convert free users into paying customers and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Copywriting Crew Mockup

Landing Pages

Need landing page copy that converts your visitors into demos, signups or ideal customers? We can help with our landing page copywriting services and data-driven messaging.

Copywriting Crew Mockup

Website Copy 

Whether you're about to launch a new website or update an existing one, we can help by writing engaging copy for your website homepage, about, features, or any other pages.

Fresh Content

Video Scripts

Need help writing a script for your explainer, how-to, or sales video? Our SaaS copywriters have experience in writing engaging video scripts for software.

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Facebook Advertising

We write Facebook ad creative focused on generating clicks, traffic or leads. We provide the words and free image selection, but we don’t set up or manage campaigns.

SaaS Copywriting Portfolio Examples

Check out a selection of our SaaS copywriting examples from our portfolio below.
If you want to see more examples, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Meet Copywriting Crew

Hi, I'm Jesse Forrest, founder of Copywriting Crew. I started our copywriting agency back in 2010 with the purpose of helping SaaS business owners, entrepreneurs and digital agencies to attract more sales, leads and customers through the power of effective copywriting.

Our team of US-based professional copywriters have experience in writing for B2B marketing software, apps, and high-tech products in over 153 different industries.

We have written about online marketing, employee productivity, project management, remote teams, compliance certification, and more!

Our skilled SaaS copywriters and dedicated editors are able to research, write and deliver high-quality custom content typically within 7 business days (depending on the word count and subject matter). Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Unlike unreliable freelance SaaS copywriters, our team is reliable and never misses a client's deadline. Plus if one of our writers is unavailable, we have other qualified writers on our team, which means capacity is never an issue.

With Copywriting Crew, you'll work with professional SaaS copywriters with industry experience who are ready to write high-converting copy for you.

Jesse Forrest

Why SaaS Companies Love Copywriting Crew

We have worked with many SaaS companies over the last 10 years.
Here are some of the real reviews and success stories we've received from our amazing clients.

He Will Meet Your Deadline And Write
World Class Copy At The Same Time

When it came down to writing the sales copy for Instant Video Generator we turned to one man. My co-founders Armand Morin and Rick Raddatz turned to Jesse Forrest. In fact, he met the deadline before the timeline and we paid him a little extra bonus gift. I recommend you hire Jesse, my only residence with this recommendation is that he'll have less time for us.Just make sure you overpay him whatever he asks, because he charges very reasonably as copywriters go. Get him before his rates go up. This is one of the few testimonials I give for copywriting, because I hire very few copywriters. So if you're looking for one, Jesse could be your man, he will meet your deadline and write world class copy at the same time.

Alex Mandossian - Founder of Marketing Online of

Bianca Board

Over 230 New Conversions Because
We Listened To Your Feedback

I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I’ve had over 230 new conversions just since sending an email campaign yesterday, 13 legit quote requests just on Monday alone even before I sent the email campaign and with nowhere near the traffic numbers I’m aiming for so our conversion rate is phenomenal! Over 50% of the ones that clicked through from my newsletter converted on site. So THANK YOU so much because we listened to your feedback and implemented a lot of the changes… Our bounce rate is already down 10%. Couldn’t be happier! Now our sales guys just need to keep up.

Bianca Board - Managing Director of

Great business to deal with

You were able to understand and write content about our business, which is quite a specific industry. Very easy to interact with, provide information to, review and edit copy prepared and make suggestions about possible changes. The content was prepared in a way that was easy to read by our clients and consumers and was catchy and concise. Great business to deal with, did exactly what we asked for and what they said they would do.

Michael Dullaway - Managing Director of Pearce & Heers

Fast and Reliable

I used Copywriting Crew to assist with blogging efforts. I can not stress enough how fantastic they are. The customer-facing side of their company is such a delight to work with. Faye and Jesse were incredibly responsive (considering a massive time difference) and were accommodating. The turnaround for their work was fast and reliable. I simply gave their team the information and they delivered. No hand-holding. This team is great!

Kendall Schoendienst
Marketing Strategist, Redfan Communications

Ready To Hire A SaaS Copywriter
And Grow Your Business?

Ready to convert more of your website visitors into qualified leads, sales and customers? Don't have the time to write all the content your business needs to grow? Sick and tired of working with unreliable freelance copywriters who don't seem to get it?

We're here to help! Our SaaS copywriters have experience in writing for businesses like yours. We take the time to truly understand your business, target audience, and uniqueness before writing a single word for you. Our native English-speaking copywriters and editors are based in the USA and can help you write engaging content that persuades your visitors to take action and sign up.