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These reports have been instrumental in

generating new leads and enquiries

Jesse wrote a series of white paper reports for our training and qualifications business, Churchill Education. Jesse was fast, reliable and easy to work with and the reports he wrote were detailed, informative and professionally written. These reports have been instrumental in generating new leads and enquiries from our website and educate people about the value of our services. If you’re looking for an excellent white paper writer and copywriter, Jesse Forrest is your man.

Tricia Velthuizen - Managing Director of Churchill Education

Greatest Copywriters of all Time

Overwhelming Number Of People Signing Up

For Our First 2 Seminars

Jesse created a landing page for us to get clients to come to a free seminar. He got into our heads and drew out of us exactly who we were targeting, what our clients we’re looking for, and he wrote fantastic words that said it all. The end results was an overwhelming number of people signing up for our first 2 seminars that we ran. Far more than we could ever have imagined. I honestly believe that landing page created such a brilliant first impression, that was the main reason why people signed up.

Vicky Friedman Kuriel - Founder and Managing Director of Eat Play Thrive

Best Copywriting 2020

We have now opened up 7 new centres this year

and our business is growing rapidly!

We were ready to take our business nationwide and open up more centres around Australia. We needed a Franchisee information pack to explain the opportunity to potential investors and franchisees. Jesse helped us improve our wording and truly sell the benefits of being a part of Begin Bright. We have now opened up 7 new centres this year and our business is growing rapidly!

Tina Tower - Founder and CEO of Begin Bright Learning Centres WINNER at 2013 Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Top Copywriters in the World

Doubled Our Conversion Rate

Hi this is Kevin Tuck from the Fun Music Company. I don’t hire lots of copywriters, but I had Jesse do a video critique of one of our sales letters. This site had been performing alright, averaging about $1,000 every month. However, with a few improvements Jesse suggested to the headline, opening body text and the guarantee, our website now turns over double what it was doing before, or about $2,000 a month. Therefore, with a 100% improvement of our website, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jesse for any copywriting project.

Kevin Tuck - Co-Founder of Fun Music Company

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He Will Meet Your Deadline And Write

World Class Copy At The Same Time

When it came down to writing the sales copy for Instant Video Generator we turned to one man. My co-founders Armand Morin and Rick Raddatz turned to Jesse Forrest. In fact, he met the deadline before the timeline and we paid him a little extra bonus gift. I recommend you hire Jesse, my only residence with this recommendation is that he'll have less time for us.Just make sure you overpay him whatever he asks, because he charges very reasonably as copywriters go. Get him before his rates go up. This is one of the few testimonials I give for copywriting, because I hire very few copywriters. So if you're looking for one, Jesse could be your man, he will meet your deadline and write world class copy at the same time.

Alex Mandossian - Founder of Marketing Online of www.MarketingOnline.com

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$180,000 In Sales In 5 Weeks

I've hired Jesse a number of times to write the sales copy for several of my websites that sell premium priced home study courses in the property investing niche. For example, Jesse wrote the sales copy for my home study course 'Property Investing Masters' and within the first 30 days his copy generated over $180,000 in sales. Jesse also gave me some specific advice on how to put together one particular promotion. Thanks to his advice, the promotion was a huge success and resulted in over $113,000 in sales in just 5 weeks. Jesse is a terrific copywriter and someone I highly recommend!

Hans Jakobi - Property investor and author of How To Be Rich and Happy on Your Income

Top Copywriters of all Time

It Will Make Millions

Jesse, I think the copy is fantastic. Properly exploited it will make millions.

Gary Halbert - World class copywriter and author of "The Gary Halbert Letter"

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Over 230 New Conversions Because

We Listened To Your Feedback

I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I’ve had over 230 new conversions just since sending an email campaign yesterday, 13 legit quote requests just on Monday alone even before I sent the email campaign and with nowhere near the traffic numbers I’m aiming for so our conversion rate is phenomenal! Over 50% of the ones that clicked through from my newsletter converted on site. So THANK YOU so much because we listened to your feedback and implemented a lot of the changes… Our bounce rate is already down 10%. Couldn’t be happier! Now our sales guys just need to keep up.

Bianca Board - Managing Director of Web123.com.au

Good Sales Copy Examples

Made $1.2 Million

He is by far the best copywriter I have ever worked with, and I've worked with a few in my life. His copy is excellent. As a matter of fact, for Affiliate Classroom, he's helped me pull in over $1.2 million in just 2 years (that's $50,000 a month for 2 whole years) and it continues to grow every day. He's great to work with, he's fast, quick, he meets his deadlines. So if you're looking for a copywriter, definitely pick Jesse.

Anik Singal - Founder of Lurn.com

The Best Copywriter in the World

Great business to deal with

You were able to understand and write content about our business, which is quite a specific industry. Very easy to interact with, provide information to, review and edit copy prepared and make suggestions about possible changes. The content was prepared in a way that was easy to read by our clients and consumers and was catchy and concise. Great business to deal with, did exactly what we asked for and what they said they would do.

Michael Dullaway - Managing Director of Pearce & Heers

Great Examples of Copywriting

You and your team Incredible

You and your team INCREDIBLE. Rarely have I come across such ease, professionalism and skill. And you can quote me!

Dean Carey - CEO and Director at Actors Centre Australia

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