5 Things You Should Look For When Hiring A Copywriter

5 Things You Should Look For When Hiring A Copywriter

5 Things You Should Look For When Hiring A Copywriter

‘’Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.’’ - Leo Burnett.

Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Well, if you’ve been trying to consistently write memorable, appealing, and fun content for your brand, you probably know it’s not.

That’s right: well-written content is hard to produce.  

And we’re guessing that’s the reason why you’re reading this. 

Are you even wondering whether you should hire a copywriter to remove the hassle?

The answer is simple; professional copywriting services can help you create an emotional bond with your audience, build trust and ultimately drive your engagement and sales. 

So, whether you’ve been let down by professional copywriters before or have never worked with one, this blog post will explain what copywriters do and what you should expect from them.

What Do Copywriters Do?

Before deep-diving into what you should expect from modern professional copywriters, let’s first take a look at a typical copywriter’s job description.

The best copywriters bring companies’ ideas to life. 

More specifically, they write the words that inspire your target audience or ideal customers to take action online or offline. That action could be making a purchase, joining a newsletter, or registering for your webinar. 

Some of the key things you should look for if you want to hire a copywriter include:

What Do Copywriters Do?

What Do Copywriters Do?

A Deep Understanding Of SEO

A professional writer knows how to leverage SEO techniques to boost your rankings on search engines. A copywriter with SEO knowledge will be able to include any relevant keywords into your copy in a natural and authentic way (without resorting to keyword stuffing).


A skilled copywriter can seamlessly write for multiple marketing channels, including social media platforms, websites, emails, Facebook advertising and more.

High Digital Literacy

Your writer needs to leverage technology to improve their copy. In other words, they should harness the best tools, such as Grammarly or Frase, to produce engaging and high-converting content. 

High-quality and Optimized Copy

A professional copywriter will consistently craft high-quality and optimized content. They’ll also use A/B testing software to ensure the copy’s effectiveness.

Adaptability and Customized Content

The best copywriters can effortlessly tailor and adapt their copy to your target market or buyer personas. Quality content written from your target audience’s perspective will help you better connect with your ideal customer.

What Should You Expect From A Copywriter?

In-Depth Research to Increase Your Content Authority

If you’re looking to hire a copywriter, you’ll need to make sure they’re adept at researching highly relevant facts and statistics. They’ll also need to source, scan and synthesize information from different sources such as books, articles, or white papers. 

Their unique research skills should help you create and publish exclusive, value-added content that your target audience won’t find anywhere else. This will, in turn, help establish your authority in your field, increasing your credibility. It will also allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

That’s right. A talented copywriter can help you become the go-to for relevant topics. Once you’ve established your content authority, consumers will see you as an expert and a leader in your industry. They’ll then keep coming back to you to benefit from your trustworthy content. 

As a bonus, they’ll also share it with others!

In-Depth Research to Increase Your Content Authority

In-Depth Research to Increase Your Content Authority

Industry Expertise To Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

High-quality writers have mastered their craft through years of experience in their industry. 

From implementing effective SEO techniques and helping you find your brand voice to crafting captivating stories that will immediately draw your readers in, they have what it takes to turn your brand into a staple.

Their expertise lies in driving organic traffic, improving your engagement, and convincing people to visit your website and buy your products or services. 

But that’s not all!

The best copywriters can also develop a well-rounded content marketing strategy to help you consistently achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Industry Expertise To Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Industry Expertise To Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

SEO Mindset to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

70% of marketers think that SEO is more effective than pay-per-click (PPC). That’s because leads coming from search engines have an average close rate of 14.7% instead of the 1.7% rate for outbound leads.

Besides, 85% of consumers do online research before purchasing online. This means that your search engine rankings matter a lot if you want to increase your sales.

A talented copywriter providing top-notch copywriting services will know exactly how to optimize copy to improve your search engine rankings. They’re familiar with the ever-changing landscape of the SEO field and know the latest SEO techniques to increase organic traffic

For instance, they’ll link authority websites to your content, create topic clusters, write optimized meta descriptions, and use relevant long-tail keywords. 

When you hire a copywriter, they’ll leverage their in-depth knowledge and use the best SEO tools to achieve fantastic outcomes.

SEO Mindset to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO Mindset to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Copywriters Know How People Consume Content 

An experienced copywriter can be a valuable asset to your company as they know how people consume content.

When a potential client lands on a website or blog, there are a few key things to be aware of:

  • They typically read content in an ‘’F’’ shaped pattern.
  • They spend 69% of their time reading the left half of a page.
  • On average, web users read 20% of a web page.
  • Web users spend, on average, less than 15 seconds on a website.

These are some examples of strategic user behavior stats you should know if you want to develop an effective content marketing strategy. And as you can see, keeping readers engaged can be challenging. 

That’s where creative and highly skilled writers come into play!

Leveraging their unique skillset, they’ll be able to keep your audience on your page for longer and move them to action.

Copywriters Know How People Consume Content

Copywriters Know How People Consume Content

Custom Content Creation

The great thing about working with a high-quality copywriter is that over time they’ll get to know your brand messaging, your goals, and your buyer personas to perfection. 

They’ll also become a part of your team, soak in your brand personality and embody your vision. This will allow them to deliver the exact content your brand needs. They’ll be able to craft carefully curated and highly-tailored copy to cater to your specific audience’s needs.

Besides, working with a copywriter long-term will help you keep a consistent tone of voice and develop in-depth, personalized, and adaptable content.

Custom Content Creation

Custom Content Creation

Want To Elevate Your Copy And Increase Sales?

Sure, you could spend hours and thousands of dollars on courses to teach you how to improve your copywriting skills. But as a busy business owner, chances are you don’t have the time or resources to tackle yet another time-consuming task requiring advanced knowledge. 

Crafting compelling content that will resonate with your audience, establish your authority in your field and instantly drive up your sales requires particular expertise and a specific skillset. So, why not outsource it to the professionals?

At Copywriting Crew, we’re committed to helping clients grow their businesses while saving them time and money. 

We exclusively work with native speakers and screen our copywriters meticulously, only hiring the 5% highest-skilled candidates. That way, we can ensure we deliver high-converting copy for you and help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. 

Whether you’re looking for Copywriting services to enhance your Facebook ad results or blog writing services to provide added value to your audience and improve your SEO rankings, our team of passionate copywriters can help.

Wondering where to go from here?

You can place your order directly via our website to hire a copywriter. Alternatively, you can contact our founder, Jesse, to discuss your needs and projects and see how we can help.
Hire Top Copywriters

Hire Top Copywriters

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Copywriter

Question: Is hiring a copywriter worth it?

Answer: Hiring the right copywriter will not only save you time and hassle, but also help you boost your engagement and increase your bottom line. The return on investment can be significant as long as you find the right talent to communicate your brand messaging.

Question: What level of experience should I look for?

Answer: Ideally, you should hire a professional copywriter with a few years of significant writing experience. This will help you be more confident in their abilities. However, keep in mind that a high level of experience might be reflected in their rate.  

Question: What type of copywriter do I need?

Answer: You should always ask to see their copywriter portfolio and carefully review their experience. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, you’ll need a professional copywriter with a deep understanding and knowledge of your industry. What’s more, some copywriters can specialize in specific types of copywriting such as sales copy, websites, blogs, or email copywriting. So, make sure to select a versatile copywriter who will be able to cater to all of your copywriting needs.

Question: How much does it cost to hire a copywriter?

Answer: Copywriting is not a one-size-fits-all kind of service. At Copywriting Crew, we understand that business owners are often limited when it comes to their marketing budget. That’s why we offer affordable copywriting services starting at USD 49 for our Facebook ad copy service.

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