How to Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads

Looking for inspiration and ideas for your next Facebook Ad campaign? Want to uncover winning Facebook ad examples from your industry? If so, then you’re going to love this! 

Facebook ads recently launched a 100% FREE tool that will help you spy on your competitor's campaigns and ad creatives. Why would you want to do that?

  • Get inspiration and insights on how to create your own effective Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Learn ideas on how to promote your own services and products
  • Discover the current trends and what's happening in the marketplace

Facebook Ad Library Step-By-Step Tutorial

First, make sure you’re logged in your Facebook account and then go to Facebook Ad Library.

Now, you can start spying your competitor’s Facebook ads.

  1. Select ‘ALL’ on the country to know where are they advertising on this social media platform.
  2. Go to the search field and type your chosen competitor’s page.
? Tip: Make sure to choose the legitimate page that has the most amount of likes and often has a blue check on it.

Once you click on the Facebook Page, you can start scanning the results where you will see all the activities and paid campaigns.

You’ll get to uncover all of the past and present ad sets your competitors are running. Take advantage of these insights and generate ideas on how to create your own high-converting Facebook ad campaigns and creatives.

? Tip: Hover the mouse pointer on the ‘information’ icon, you’ll see which ad is the most effective and the best performing.

Every ad will show you their ad copy, image, call to action and the link that will lead you straight to the landing page or sales page. This is where you can take a look at how they promote their business such as the headline, video, call to action, etc.

Spying on your competitors Facebook Ads is just the first step. The second step is to actually create your own original and compelling Facebook Ad copy (don’t just copy someone else's campaign!) If you’re busy and would like some help, we’ve got your back!

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