How To Write The Perfect Video Script For Your Business in 2022

How To Write The Perfect Video Script For Your Business in 2022

How To Write The Perfect Video Script For Your Business in 2022

What do The Godfather, Casablanca, and Pulp Fiction movies all have in common?

Great storytelling.

After all, Alfred Hitchcock says it best: “To make a great film, you need three things – the script, the script, and the script.”

That’s because humans have been connecting through stories for millennia, making storytelling the most ancient and the most effective element of any marketing strategy. 

This means that when writing the video script for your business, you’re not just writing lines. You’re writing a powerful story that will take your viewers on an immersive journey into your brand’s universe. 

Not sure where to start with video scripting?

To help you, I've decided to share the six steps to a winning corporate video script that will dazzle your target customers and help you win them over!

Writing the perfect script for your business videos can be challenging. That’s why, here, I share the key steps you need to follow for a winning video script for your business.

Why Is A Corporate Script So Important?

A well-thought-out script will help you plan your video, ensure it matches your brand personality, and convey your message efficiently. And all these factors are key ingredients in the recipe for success!

A script will also allow you to:

  • Spend less time filming as you’ve already mapped out your video content
  • Craft the perfect story, and ensure it flows and is compelling.
  • Grab your viewers’ attention within seconds, as writing a script allows you to spend time crafting an engaging intro.
  • Promote your brand in a compelling way.
  • Create a much better video than if you had shot your video on a whim.
  • Produce a video that caters to your audience

Well-crafted scripts will fuel the success of your corporate videos. So, make sure you dedicate the time and resources needed to write an engaging script for your business videos.

Video Script Framework

I’ve highlighted below the main elements you need to take into consideration when scripting your corporate video.

Video Format

The video format entirely depends on the kind of video you want to shoot and the marketing channels you want to distribute it on.

For instance, the optimal length for an Instagram video is approximately 30 seconds, while YouTube videos between 7 and 11 minutes tend to perform well.

Yet, regardless of the type of videos you record and the marketing channels you promote them on, here’s a rule that you should follow when it comes to scripting:

  • Video duration of 30 seconds equals 60 words
  • Video duration of 60 seconds equals 120 words
  • And video duration of 120 seconds equals 240 words

You get the idea 😉

Video Script Outline

Writing a video script for your business can seem overwhelming. That’s why starting by creating an outline is always a good idea. It will ensure you include all the things you want to cover in the video. 

Successful videos often follow the structure below:

  • A killer hook to grab your viewers’ attention
  • Problem your target customers are facing
  • Solution you can provide  
  • Unique value proposition
  • Your company culture
  • A call to action

Adding these six components to your footage will allow you to make sure your video flows and takes viewers into an exciting journey.

Video Script 

Now, time to focus on the content or meat of the video! This is the part where you need to combine your copywriting skills and creative mind to create a compelling story that resonates with your audience.

I know writing a video script for your business can seem daunting, even if you have managed to draft the outline. After all, that’s why many of our clients invest in our professional copywriting services.

However, if you’d rather write the video script for your business yourself, here are a few questions your video content should answer:

  • What is your company’s mission?
  • Why was your product or service created?
  • How does your solution solve your customers’ problems?
  • Why should they choose you over your competition?
  • What emotions do you want to elicit?
  • How do you want your viewers to feel when watching your video?
  • What key messages do you want to convey?

How To Write A Highly-Converting Script For Your Business Videos

Want to create an amazing video that will stand out, drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into paying customers?

Here’s how.

Write A Video Brief

The first step to writing a high-converting video script for your business is to craft a detailed brief. The brief should include the key elements below:

  • What makes them tick?
  • Why do you want to create this video?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What language do they use?
  • Where will you promote this video?
  • What’s your budget, and what’s your deadline?

This step will help you clarify your objectives, gather the information you need to connect with your audience, and fine-tune your strategy if necessary.

Craft A Killer Opening

Ever watched Inglourious Basterds, The Lion King, or Goodfellas? These movies were instant successes because they feature powerful openings that elicit emotion and instantly pull viewers in.

And even though you’re not shooting a video for Hollywood, you still need to grab your viewers’ attention quickly. That’s because the average attention span is 8 seconds these days, and competition for consumers’ attention is fierce.

Your opening scene should act as a hook by:

  • Sparking excitement,
  • Building suspense, or
  • Making people laugh

Perfect Your Story

Your message shouldn’t feel like a corporate message. It should be conveyed as a story. 


Because as Steven Spielberg once said: “Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them effects, but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story.” It’s a fact. As human beings, we’re much more likely to remember stories than facts alone.            

Perfect Your Story

Perfect Your Story

Keep Your Script Short And Easy To Understand 

Sometimes, my clients get caught in the excitement and start writing without a specific goal in mind. And sure enough, they often end up with pages and pages of video script for their business video. I get it, they’re eager to tell customers everything about their brand and their product and let their creative juices flow. 

But when it comes to videos, shorter is sweeter. Of course, as mentioned before, the video format you should choose depends on the channel you’re promoting your video on. But as a rule of thumb, try not to record a video over 2 minutes, or you risk losing your viewers’ interest.

Also, whether you’re writing about a complex AI-powered solution or a revolutionary fitness program, you need to ensure that the information is easy to digest. So, use simple words even though you’re explaining complex concepts.

Use Your Audience’s Language

The best way to lose your viewers’ attention is by using complex and wordy sentences. Unless your audience is highly educated and enjoys complex sentences, a best practice is to use easy-to-understand language. 

So, for your video to be successful, make sure to study the way your audience speaks and use expressions and words they tend to say. How do you find out? Browse Facebook profiles, scour forums, and peruse any other sites your audience hangs out on.

Using the same language as your audience will allow you to create content that resonates with your target customers and helps them connect with your brand.

Read Several Times And Tweak

Ok, I must warn you here: the idea isn’t to endlessly tweak your script until it reaches perfection. The reality is that you’ll never know if it’s perfect until you publish your video and gauge your audience’s reaction.

Instead, read your script several times out loud to see how it sounds and adjust to ensure it flows and takes your target customers on an immersive journey.

As an extra tip, once you’ve finished writing your video script, take a step back, do something else, and get back to it later with a fresh set of eyes. It will allow you to better assess whether the script needs fine-tuning and help you spot any syntax or grammar mistakes.

3 Powerful Templates Of Video Script For Your Business

Explainer Video

Upsend is a customer service platform for small businesses. Upsend knows that small businesses sometimes struggle to maintain excellent customer service due to a lack of resources and time. The company also knows that customer engagement platforms can be expensive for small businesses.

In this explainer video, Upsend establishes a connection with its target audience by immediately raising these two issues. The brand then continues by highlighting its unique solution and showing small businesses how it can solve their pain points. The video closes with a compelling call to action encouraging viewers to try the service for free. 

Explainer videos are particularly useful for SaaS companies or businesses providing complex solutions or products to their customers. That’s because videos make information easier to understand and digest while saving busy consumers precious time.

Here’s a video script template you can follow if you choose to create an explainer video:

  • Show a character struggling with an issue that resonates with your customers.

  • Introduce the solution by highlighting how your offering can help and how it works.

  • Show your audience the results your product or service brings.

  • Use a call to action to move them to action.

Testimonial Video

Video testimonials are extremely useful to build trust with your audience. They can depict clients talking about your products or services and explain how your solution helped them. But they can also show your employees talking about your unique company culture and values. The idea with video testimonials is to be creative in the way that you convey your message, ensuring the script is engaging. 

Sure, it’s a corporate video communicating the benefits of your offering, but it doesn’t have to be boring!

To capitalize on this, ensure your testimonial video creates a curiosity gap, enticing viewers to stay engaged throughout the video. You should also use the ‘’show, don’t tell’’ approach. Show your audience the impact you’re having on your clients’ lives, don’t simply tell them. 

Last but not least, a great testimonial video should encourage people to take the necessary steps to learn more about your solution or buy it without you having to explicitly ask them to. 

Here’s a great example of a video script for your business by DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga is a fitness program to lose weight and gain strength. 

Now, this video testimonial from Vance Hinds hits on all the points mentioned above. As the viewers embark on the journey of Vance’s transformation, each scene keeps on sparking curiosity, raising new questions. Following him on his journey also allows potential customers to witness his transformation and see how effective the program is.


In September 2021, Amazon released Astro, its highly anticipated AI-powered home robot. And to announce this new product, the company created a movie-like announcement video

In the first scene, one of the characters is wondering what the use of this robot could be for her. As the other character asks the robot to follow him, the video takes us on a journey through the different applications for the robot, answering her original question and helping viewers better understand the value of such a machine. 

The scenario depicts a day in the lives of people from different backgrounds and generations with Astro, ensuring most consumers can relate to some of these situations.

The dialogues are short but cheerful and lighthearted, eliciting emotion and helping Amazon build a deep connection with the brand. The last scene invites viewers to learn more about Astro using #meetastro.

An engaging movie-like promotional video is a great way for brands to hook the viewers in and stand out from the online noise. They tend to make a long-lasting impression in consumers’ minds without sounding salesy.

The template for an announcement video is as follows:

  • Short introduction raising the different questions consumers might have about a product or service.

  • Main message explaining why the product or service was created and how it can help your audience.

  • Call to action for people to learn more about the brand and product, or even a discount to coax them into purchasing.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration, Amanda Horvath provides an excellent brand video template.

Need Help Writing A Winning Video Script For Your Business?

If you’re not sure how to communicate about your solution in a compelling way or how to use the right language to elicit emotions and build a connection with your target audience, you’re not alone.

Unless you’re a video marketing expert, writing a high-converting video script for your business is challenging. 

Video marketing isn’t just about recording a video and hitting the publish button on your marketing channels. It’s about crafting the perfect story and conveying it in a compelling way through your video script. And that’s where the CopywritingCrew team can help!

If you need help writing your video script, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss your upcoming video project and see how we can help!

Hire Top Copywriters

Hire Top Copywriters

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Script For Businesses

Question: How Do I Start Writing a Script?

Answer: Before you write your script, you need to tackle the following elements:

  • Video brief
  • Video format
  • Script outline

These steps are an essential and integral part of writing a script, so you should cover them first.

Question: How do you write a business video script?

Answer: A lot of things go into writing a successful corporate video script, but here’s a summary of the key steps you need to take:

  • Craft a powerful opening 
  • Perfect your storytelling
  • Keep the video short and easy to understand
  • Use your target audience’s language
  • Include a call to action
  • Read several times and adjust

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