The Fear of Automation: Can ChatGPT Replace Human Writers?

The Fear of Automation: Can ChatGPT Replace Human Writers?

The Fear of Automation: Can ChatGPT Replace Human Writers?

"What impact do you think ChatGPT will have on your writing business?"

The question my client posed over lunch was a tough one to answer.

As the founder of Copywriting Crew, a content writing agency, I've been asked this question by quite a few people lately. It’s the new technology that everyone’s talking about.

It's a delicate subject, especially when a client who pays for our writing services starts to consider whether they can use ChatGPT instead.

I put down my fork and looked at my client, who was waiting for my response.

"ChatGPT is an amazing technology,” I answered diplomatically.

My client probed further. "Do you think it will ever be able to replace human writers?"

I took a sip of my coffee and considered this question. "I don't think so," I said. "There will always be a need for human writers, as AI can't match the creativity and nuance that a human writer brings to the table.”

"That's what I wanted to hear," he said, relieved. "I don't think I could trust a machine to tell the story of my company the way that a human writer could."

As we finished our lunch and said goodbye, I thought about sharing my thoughts and relieving the fear that some writers have about Chat GPT.

As someone who has been in the content writing industry for 18 years, I have seen the landscape change, but I also know that there are certain things that will never change.

Here are a couple of reasons why writers shouldn’t fear losing their jobs to AI.

Business owners don’t have the time or interest to use ChatGPT

Let's be real here, business owners are busy! They have a million and one things to do, and spending time messing around with ChatGPT just isn't on their to-do list.

They have meetings to attend, employees to manage, fires to put out, and important decisions to make. The last thing they want to do is figure out how to use a new tool.

They don't have the time or interest to figure out how to get ChatGPT to work for them. They'd rather hire a human writer who knows what they're doing and can get the job done right.

Business owners don’t know how to use ChatGPT effectively

Chat GPT is only as good as the person using it.

Think of Chat GPT as a powerful tool in your toolbox. While it has the capability to generate content at a rapid pace, it requires someone with the know-how to use it to its fullest potential. Much like how a plane is an amazing piece of technology, it takes a skilled pilot to navigate it.

The old saying "garbage in, garbage out" applies here.

gigo | source:

gigo | source:

If the prompt given to ChatGPT is weak or lacklustre, the output it produces will be of the same quality. On the other hand, a skilled writer can provide a strong prompt and produce high-quality content with the help of ChatGPT.

It's important to remember that even though ChatGPT can help create content, a human touch is still needed to make sure it’s factually correct and well-written. 

While it’s an impressive tool, it also has its limitations.


5 reasons why ChatGPT will not replace writers (yet)

1. Lack of Creativity and Nuance

While ChatGPT can quickly produce written content, it often lacks the creative and emotional nuance that human writers bring to the table. Humans are the only ones who can write stories that reach readers on an emotional level and make them feel something. This is something that Chat GPT, as a machine, cannot replicate. AI-made content often lacks the creativity and emotional depth that are key to good storytelling.

2. Factually incorrect

Chatgpt wrong answer

Chatgpt wrong answer

ChatGPT, no matter how advanced it is, still has its limits when it comes to making accurate and factual content. While AI technology can generate content at an impressive speed, it may not always be reliable when it comes to accuracy. In some cases, ChatGPT has produced content that is not only incorrect but also misleading, which can have serious consequences. 

This is why it is important for business owners and content creators to be aware of the potential dangers of relying on AI for content creation and take steps to ensure that the content they produce is accurate and trustworthy. A great way to avoid publishing incorrect content is to have a human copy editor proofread and check the facts of any AI content.


3. Lack of understanding

ChatGPT may be able to produce content quickly, but it lacks the understanding and empathy that human writers bring to the table. Human writers have the ability to understand the target audience and write content that resonates with them. 

ChatGPT, on the other hand, can only work with the data it is given and cannot understand the context or emotions of the audience. This makes it difficult for ChatGPT to create content that is truly engaging and relatable.

4. Google ranking issues for unoriginal content

Google can often tell that the SEO content produced by ChatGPT is made by AI, so search engines may not accept it. 

Google is highly focused on delivering high-quality, engaging, and relatable content to its users. If ChatGPT's content is found to be made by AI, Google and other search engines may not accept it because it is not original content. This is another reason why humans are an important part of the content creation process.

ai detention score

ai detention score

5. Robotic Tone

The content produced by ChatGPT can sometimes have a "robotic" tone and lack the empathy, emotion, and nuance that human writers bring to the table. Human writers have the ability to craft content that is engaging, relatable, and emotionally impactful. ChatGPT, on the other hand, can only produce content based on the data it is given and cannot bring the same level of emotion and empathy to the content. 


I’m excited about the future possibilities of this amazing tool. It might be the best writing assistant you’ll ever find (one that never calls in sick or shows up late!).

Rather than fearing AI, I think it's a tool that all writers should embrace. Artificial technology has already disrupted many industries but has not always replaced employees. 

For example, AI chatbots are being used by customer service departments to improve their response time and customer satisfaction. However, they are not replacing human representatives but are instead being used as a tool to handle basic inquiries, freeing up the representatives to focus on more complex issues.

Learn how to use it effectively and boost your writing productivity. Use it to break through writer's block whenever you feel stuck or out of ideas.

If you’re a business owner or agency looking for high-quality content that’s created by real humans, then Copywriting Crew is here to help! Get in touch today or check out our writing services here.

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