This 9-Word Email Works Like MAGIC!

This 9-Word Email Works Like MAGIC!

This 9-Word Email Works Like MAGIC!

Do you have an email database? 

Finding and nurturing new leads is necessary to grow any business. But doing so takes time, money and effort. 

What about your existing database? It’s a valuable asset that probably contains forgotten leads and prospects. 

The great news is that you can use a simple 9-word email to re-engage these leads and turn them into clients. Introducing…

The 9-Word Email That Generates Leads And Clients ?

This marketing technique first created by Dean Jackson, a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur. Dean developed the 9-word email in an effort to engage with old-leads inside his database.

The 9-word email is probably the shortest email you’ll ever send, but don’t let it's brevity overshadow its effectiveness.

The subject line is simply your prospects full name (%FULLNAME) and the email content is a question that’s 9-words or less.

Email Subject Line: Sam Smith

Do you still need help with website copywriting?


That’s it. ?

Brilliantly simple yet super effective. The purpose of the email is to simply engage with forgotten prospects and leads who are sitting idle inside your database.

Here are a few examples that you can use to create your own 9-word email.

Examples ?

  • Are you still looking for help renovating your house?
  • Do you still need help with creating an email marketing campaign?
  • Are you still considering buying a new car?
  • Are you still interested in getting a better rate on your car insurance?

How To Create Your Own 9-Word Email

The formula is simple and easy to follow. But people may feel an urge to add more fluff and filler content. Or to try and make the sale. Or add fancy HTML design, bells and whistles. Please resist the urge to do any of that and just use the formula as follows.

Email Subject Line: [First Name]

Hi [First Name],

Body: Question

[Your Name]

So what are you waiting for? Do you want more leads and clients? If so, then give the 9-word email a try and let me know what happens! I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.