10 Great Website Copywriting Examples You’ll Want To Copy In 2022

10 Great Website Copywriting Examples You’ll Want To Copy In 2022

10 Great Website Copywriting Examples You’ll Want To Copy In 2022

Copywriting Is A Skill That Is Developed Over Time

Finding the right message that appeals to your core audience is a process that takes multiple rounds of testing and adjusting to find the perfect formula for your business. 

But while it will take time to discover the right copywriting voice for your content, that doesn’t mean you can’t look at other companies to see what they’ve done to solidify their content marketing strategy. 

Need some copywriting inspiration? If you’re ready to create website content that attracts and converts, here are 10 examples of great website copywriting to add to your swipe file — and why you’ll want to copy these in 2022. 

1. Unity Accounting

Unity Accounting

Unity Accounting is a small corporate accounting firm that provides a wide variety of financial services, including taxation and accounting, ASIC and ATO compliance, and payroll support. Whether you’re a not-for-profit company or a trade business, Unity Accounting makes it clear that they can provide you with the financial support your business needs. 

What we like about Unity Accounting is the fact that it empathises with the target audience and connects with them immediately. Key phrases like, ‘finally take control of your finances, maximise your tax returns, and make your money work for your business’ and, ‘we don’t just keep track of your finances, we unite to become a part of your team’ demonstrate their dedication to their clientele. 

Transparent and welcoming, Unity Accounting’s homepage is an excellent example of how copy can be used to connect with an audience, lay out a service so that clients know what to expect, and highlight the benefits that come with working with a company that truly cares about the individual on the other side. 

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2. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management software that was first released in the early 2000s. However, as remote work became the norm in recent years, it has been more relevant than ever, something that is reflected in its new website copy. 

What we love about Basecamp is that it truly understands its audience. Right at the very top of its homepage, Basecamp connects with the reader and hooks them in with the following paragraph: 

Before Basecamp: Projects feel scattered, things slip, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed. After Basecamp: Everything’s organized in one place, you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.’

The copy then proceeds to further explain the importance of their service and how it plays a role in today’s modern work environment. What’s the lesson here? Copy doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. Basecamp boils their copy strategy down to illustrating the need for a service like theirs and has a no-nonsense approach to making sure that website visitors see the value of their project management platform right away. 

3. Cook & Company

Whereas our first example on this list focused on offering a wide variety of financial services to a host of businesses, Cook & Company is a niche tax business focused on catering to the needs of small to medium-sized nonprofits. 

What we love about Cook & Company is its direct style of copywriting. This company comes right out of the gate with great copy that connects with their desired audience, stating:

Nonprofits face unique accounting and reporting requirements, and it can get complicated! Let Cook & Company help you navigate the regulatory maze and rest easy knowing your financial statements and tax returns are done right.’

Because of its target niche, the rest of the stellar copy on the home page effectively describes its services and the benefits that nonprofits gain from enlisting the help of a tax expert like Cook & Company in comparison to other generic tax companies. 

Did you find Cook & Company’s copy to be especially effective at reaching its target audience? Copywriting Crew produced the copy for this business also! You can see this website copywriting example and many more on our Website Copy Services Page


4. Thrive Global

Thrive Global

Thrive Global, a company developed by Ariana Huffington shortly after leaving Huffington Post, is focused on one mission: changing corporate workplace culture to improve employee health and wellness. This is by no means a new concept, but given the powerhouse individuals behind the brand, it does this exceptionally well. 

Because of this, you can imagine that their copy is just as effective as their company.

 What we love about Thrive is that it manages to use concise copy to provide a comprehensive overview of its services. Thrive offers great website copy that targets the major corporations in its sights with ease. Just one example of this can be found in the following blurb on their site: 

Thrive Global Is Leading Through The New Normal and Beyond.

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress, taking care of your well-being is more important than ever.

Thrive Global gives you everything you need to build physical immunity, strengthen mental resilience, and support your people in the ways that matter most.’

Accompanied by examples of some of the major brands they’ve worked with, impressive statistics regarding the efficacy of their solutions, and testimonials from satisfied customers, Thrive Global has produced a flawless homepage that companies with similar services should emulate. 


5. edX


As a result of the pandemic, online learning and upskilling are in. But while there are numerous platforms that voracious learners can turn to so that they can meet their needs, few are great at demonstrating why they’re great at what they do. However, edX seems to break the mould. 

edX is an online education platform that offers online courses, college credits, certifications, and even degree programs. However, edX is significantly better at creating hype for those who approach their platform. 

What we love about edX is that it uses specific language to encourage new learners to join. This can be seen with the impactful statement that sits at the top of their homepage: ‘Restless learners change the world.’

edX continues its momentum by isolating the benefits for each type of audience approaching their platform (individuals, businesses, and educators), outlining their education approach, and finishing with their very noble vision, ‘our vision of a world where every learner can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost or location.’ 

Remember, your copy is what separates you from the competition. When you’re able to achieve what edX has, you’re able to stand out from other platforms with similar services. 


6. Trello

Trello is another project management platform that uses the kanban board approach to help teams organize work and move through the process of getting work done more effectively. But while it’s comparable to other items on this list like Basecamp, its approach to copy is what we love. 

What we like about Trello is that it writes with the intent of educating users about the platform. Trello begins with an opening statement designed to attract the attention of the right organizations: 

Trello helps teams move work forward.

Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks. From high rises to the home office, the way your team works is unique—accomplish it all with Trello.

But while the company utilizes the same kind of hook that we’ve seen throughout this list, it’s the rest of the homepage copy that truly stands out. Instead of utilizing the rest of the space to focus on testimonials and statistics, Trello briefly breaks down some of the key features and functionality of the platform. 

This makes their service much more approachable, encouraging sign-ups from organizations who can see the benefits right away. Although you don’t want to give away all of your secrets, Trello offers enough to get prospective users excited about their service to get people interested in what value they have to offer. 


7. Coinbase


Working in a technical industry comes with a unique challenge if you’re focusing on new customers as well as knowledgeable individuals. On one hand, you need to make sure that the needs of experienced users are being met. On the other hand, you need to be approachable. One company that does both well is Coinbase. 

Coinbase is an established cryptocurrency exchange that provides trading services and similar financial services to individual traders and institutions. What we like about Coinbase is that its website copy caters to non-technical users as well as technical users. Coinbase immediately separates itself from its competition by starting with an offer that will attract new users:

Get $5 in free Bitcoin for signing up

Coinbase is the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Sign up and get started today.

This type of perk-focused copy pervades the rest of the homepage copy, in which Coinbase then talks about their Learn & Earn program, discuss the easy sign-up process that is very user friendly for new users, and the key benefits that help them ensure their money is safe. 

In an industry where some may feel uncertain about holding crypto for themselves, this type of copy is effective at encouraging them to sign up for the perks alone. If you know that your brand is strong and you’re looking to create space for new users, this copywriting example is great for more established businesses with a reputation for high-value products and services. 


8. GymIt


There is an abundance of gyms in any given city, which means that you’re likely to see copy that’s encouraging, empathetic, and energetic. So, how do you stand out when you’re working in a field where you’re bound to see websites that are practically carbon copies of each other? What we love about Gymit’s approach is that it’s designed to appeal to the modern gym-goer. 

GymIt is a Massachusetts-based gym that’s focused on stripping down the experience and focusing solely on fitness. As they explain on their homepage:

Let’s get this party started. 

We’ve designed GymIt so that it feels like a second home to our members. We have everything you need and expect. So get started today. No Long-Term Agreements. No Salespeople. No Hassle.’

GymIt’s approach to fitness is that you don’t need a host of unnecessary amenities that you have to pay for in modern gyms. Instead, they want to make sure you know that you’re able to pay low prices for the basic needs like top-of-the-line equipment, locker rooms with showers, and separate training areas. 

While your competition may aim to go above and beyond, they’re missing the population who would rather have less and get greater value for their money. If this is a message that resonates with you, GymIt has excellent copy to emulate on your own website. 


9. Rover

Rover is a pet company that helps pet owners connect with pet services providers who can board pets, walk them, or even offer daycare services. As a pet company, they have a distinct advantage when it comes to writing website copy: being able to play on emotions. 

What we like about Rover is that it manages to produce emotional copy effectively. For many dog and cat owners, their pet is a part of their family. Rover plays on this exceptionally well, offering snippets of impactful copy such as: 

Local, Loving Pet Care

Book trusted sitters and dog walkers who’ll treat your pets like family.


We’re the treat-your-dog-like-family dog people

Rover also uses their copy to guide new visitors through the process of booking a dog or cat sitter, illustrating how it works so that Rover users can get an easy start if they decide that Rover is the right fit for them. 

If you work in an industry where human emotions play a major role in the buying journey, Rover offers you some insight into just how you can achieve this. 


10. Empowered


Our final entry on this list, Empowered is truly a unique business, making its homepage copy all the more powerful. Empowered is Australia’s leading style and image experts that help others improve their image to have a greater impact in their business and personal lives. 

What we love about empowered is that its website copy is almost magnetic. From the moment you enter their website, you’re approached by mysterious copy that delves into human psychology and compels the audience to list. Just look at this small snippet from Empowered:

‘You have just 3 seconds to make a first impression. Does yours say trustworthy, likeable, competent and confident? Or unreliable, insecure, and incompetent? Don’t leave it to chance. We can help you design the impression you want to leave on others.’

Empowered is ripe with stunning facts like these, and they incorporate this wonder into the descriptions of their services, their business stats, and their customer testimonials. If you’re looking to make a splash, compelling copy like this is the way to go. 

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What Do These Copywriting Examples Have In Common? 

Killer copywriting looks different across various industries, but websites that produce compelling copy will often use similar strategies to achieve the same effect. Great copy will: 

  • Cater to the target audience
  • Avoid complex and lengthy writing
  • Capture the attention of the reader immediately 
  • Connect with the reader and encourage them to take action

Once you can identify these key factors across all website copy, such as in the examples of copywriting above, you can incorporate these traits into your own content marketing strategy.


How Do You Develop A Website Copywriting Strategy? 

Website copywriting examples are great for reference, but provide little in regards to direction. If you want to develop high-quality copy like that illustrated in the above copywriting examples, you’ll need a strategy that targets the right individuals. But what will this look like? 

  • Identify your audience: Take the time to conduct an analysis on your current audience, target customers, and create a buyer persona that helps you understand your readers so that you can generate copy they will love. 


  • Understand content marketing: Content marketing is far more complex than it appears on the surface. Set aside time to do your research and learn what it takes to bring people to your website (or hire a company with the expertise to do this for you). 


  • Set goals: Your copy is a tool in your overall digital marketing strategy. As such, it should help you achieve a specific goal, such as boosting your sales by 10 per cent for the quarter. Start with the end goal in mind so you can write more effective copy. 


  • Establish systems and processes that streamline your efforts: Producing and publishing content can be time-consuming. Look for tools that can help you automate the process to improve your productivity so you can focus on other aspects of your business that demand your attention. 


  • Test, analyse, adjust: Copywriting is a process that takes time to perfect. Once you’ve developed copy you’re proud of, put it to the test, measure its success, and adjust your formula until you can regularly create copy that converts. 


These key takeaways aren’t always obvious in the examples of copywriting we’ve produced, but these factors are what contribute to great copy. 


Copywriting Best Practices 

Copywriting is a skill, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and tricks that can help you along the way. Some great copywriting best practices to observe include: 

  • Breaking up content with headers, short paragraphs, bullet points, and other formatting elements (action buttons, numbering, etc.)
  • Using images to keep readers engaged
  • Treating your copy as if it were a map that guides the reader to their final destination (purchasing your product or service)
  • Making sure your copy is clear yet compelling, direct yet magnetic
  • Including facts and statistics that demonstrate the value of your product or service
  • Providing your users with upfront information so they can make a confident decision about your product or service
  • Optimising your content for specific keywords


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