How much does website copywriting cost in 2022?

How much does website copywriting cost in 2022?

How much does website copywriting cost in 2022?

Are You Paying The Right Amount For Content?

When you’re working on projects like blog posts, emails, and landing page content for your business, finding the right freelance copywriters for the job helps you save time and energy that you can direct towards other areas of your business. 

That being said, it’s crucial to understand whether or not you’re paying a fair price and getting quality content for any outsourced copywriting services. Are you paying the right amount for content? 

To better understand the project fees associated with professional copywriters, let’s dive into this topic to learn more about website copywriting rates, what factors determine these costs, and how you can get started finding the right writers for your website. 

How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost?

The topic of copywriting pricing is difficult to cover. Why? Generally speaking, there is a range of prices you may encounter when you’re looking for freelancers to develop your content marketing strategy. 

Pricing can vary wildly when searching for decent copywriters, especially when you’re choosing between writers who charge per word, per hour, or per a flat rate for their services. 

Like any service, understanding the cost of content begins with understanding the factors that lie behind these rates (which ultimately helps you find the right person for your copywriting project). Some of the factors that determine pricing include:


  • The writer’s level of experience: New content writers are generally looking to build their portfolio and land as many jobs as they can, which means that they’ll often charge lower prices than individuals who have years of experience working on a wide variety of online content.


  • Where they are located: Location plays a significant role in how much a writer decides to charge. You’ll find that the cheapest rates are offered by writers who live where the cost of living is much lower. The most important thing to remember is that cost is not always indicative of quality. It’s a common misconception that lower rates result in poor quality content. Pay attention to their experience and portfolio to see whether or not they can offer you the right results.


  • What industry they operate in: The more technical and difficult content is to tackle, the more copywriters are going to charge in order to take on that type of work. If you work in an industry where your writers will need to develop comprehensive content that most professionals may not be able to produce, chances are you can expect to see higher rates. 


  • The type of work they’re doing: Different types of work will often be accompanied by different rates. For example, if you enlist the help of a freelance writer to tackle a basic article with minimal SEO strategy requirements, you may be billed a lower rate as it takes less time to complete. If, on the other hand, you’re hiring an SEO website copywriter to tackle content copywriting projects replete with keywords, this form of content may take lots of time to complete, resulting in an extensive process where the writer charges more (you may even see additional fees like a rush fee for a rush job). 

So, how much does copywriting cost? The answer isn’t always cut-and-dried. However, understanding these factors and how they play into cost will make it easier for you to understand if the price you’re paying is worth the final result. 

Should You Pay Per Word Or Per Hour?

Copywriting is essential, as it allows you to bring traffic to your website and produce written media that converts your leads and engages your audience. That being said, paying for your content can be tricky when there are different types of rates charged by copywriters of varying experience levels. 

One of the most common questions asked by businesses is whether they should hire a freelancer that charges by word or by the hour. 

Although you will ultimately know which is right for you, paying per word is the most attractive option. This allows you to limit your expenses to the exact amount of words that are featured in the final copy. Meanwhile, paying per hour can become a problem if the writer exceeds your anticipated time frame and charges you more for the project. 

How Do I Choose The Right Copywriter? 

How do I choose the right copywriter?
How do I choose the right copywriter?

With so many different professional website copywriters out there, finding the right one may not be just a matter of money. To help you find the right copywriter for your job, let’s look at some questions you should ask yourself during the search for writing support. 

  • Have they worked for your industry before? If so, what types of projects have they covered in the past, and are these in line with what you’re looking to create for your business? 


  • Do they have experience working with the type of content you need to produce? For example, if you need help with email marketing campaigns, can they produce compelling content that boosts conversions? 


  • How much do copywriters charge and does this tie into the value they’ve provided for others? Do they have public testimonials or reviews that you can review? 


  • What does their turnaround time look like? Will they be able to provide you with content quickly rather than taking extra time such as a matter of weeks to complete a basic project? 


There are many considerations to make when you begin looking for effective content writers. Make sure to focus on these vital factors so you select a writer with not only experience writing content but the talent to produce content that performs and boosts organic traffic. 

Achieving Your Marketing Goals With Copywriting Crew

Now that we’ve tackled the question, ‘how much does website copywriting cost?’, let’s dive into how much Copywriting Crew charges and how we can help you meet your SEO copywriting needs with our team of copywriters. 

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Hire Top Copywriters

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