7 Email Marketing Tips For More Sales In 2022

7 Email Marketing Tips For More Sales In 2022

7 Email Marketing Tips For More Sales In 2022

Successful email marketing can be tricky. After all, every type of content you produce for your business has to meet different standards to serve its purpose effectively. The goal of emails? To drive sales!

Fortunately, writing better emails begins with understanding the anatomy of great email content. If you’re ready to start writing emails that attract sales, continue reading to tap into our 7 best email marketing tips for 2022!

1. Write Attractive Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are the first thing your audience sees. Because of this, it’s crucial that you use the right strategy to capture their interest and increase the open rate.

But what types of subject lines work best?

A few excellent top subject line examples include:

  • “Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring”
  • “The timer’s going off on your cart!”
  • “I got Botox—& THIS is what it looked like”
  • <img decoding=” /> Want a Custom Emoji of Tullamore & 6 Months FREE Walks? Book a Walk Today for Your Chance to Win!”
  • “DO NOT Commit These Instagram Atrocities”

Of course, the final subject line that you produce will depend on why you’re sending the email and how far along the recipient is in the sales funnel. That said, the examples above will help you envision how you can draw enough attention to your email to bring them to the main content. 


2. Personalise The Emails You Send Out

Impersonal emails won’t help you build the rapport you need with your audience to maintain an ongoing relationship and boost sales.

But how does one personalise an email? 

The simplest way is to include their name in both the subject line and the body of the email. While this seems like a basic change, it shows the recipient that you’re actively thinking of what they can gain from reading your content. 

Let them know that they matter, and engage them as an individual. This will make all the difference in whether your audience opens an email or sends it straight to the trash folder. 


3. Write A Compelling Opening Sentence That Hooks Your Reader

Email content may be condensed, but at its core, it’s still just like the content you write for the rest of your business. If you want to keep their attention and encourage a specific action, you have to hook them with your first line. 

This can be done by:

  • Asking a question: Ask your readers a question that prompts them to continue reading as well as seriously consider your products and services. Remember, they’re turning to you for a solution!
  • Making a bold statement: Opening your email with a statement that shocks and intrigues can be a great way to engage the reader (as long as the rest of the content is equally as thrilling). 
  • Relating to them on a personal level: Many customers follow a company because they value its mission and values. Try to relate to your customers in order to grow that connection and make your content more exciting. 
  • Opening with a story: Stories are excellent openers as they can be far more exciting than your average, everyday content. Tell your reader a personal story or a story about your company that they can understand to draw them in. 
  • Summarising the value of your email immediately: Sometimes, the most obvious approach is to just dive in. Consider opening an email by summarising its value in an attractive way right at the top.

Test out some of these suggestions with your own audience and see how they respond.


4. Know Your Audience

Personalisation is an important strategy because no two businesses will have the same focus. Regardless of how many guides you read or templates you use, it’s up to you to ensure that your email campaigns will appeal to your readers. 

Set aside some time to develop a detailed buyer’s persona. This will help to understand who is approaching your company and how you can make your content more relevant to their interests and needs.


5. Write In A Conversational Tone

As a business owner, it can be easy to write content in a way that sounds too professional or comes off as ‘salesy’. It’s important to remember that you’re writing for humans, not for conversions. 

Writing more conversationally means producing content that helps them feel they’re speaking with a trusted friend. Write in a way that connects with the audience, and avoid using complicated jargon or buzzwords.

Your goal is to improve their lives and provide them with value. Make sure that your email embodies these qualities rather than sounding like your only focus is making money.


6. Format Your Emails Correctly

Have you ever received an email that read like a novel? Chances are you either moved it to the trash or stopped reading halfway through because it was taking too long to get to the point. 

Writing great email content is an art form. For emails that actually get read, here are a few formatting tips to get you started.

  • Keep emails concise and scannable: Your email is designed to be a summary of your pitch. Don’t write them as if they were blog posts. Keep them concise and easy to scan so that your recipients get all the information quickly.
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences: Walls of text make for hard-to-read content, especially in the body of an email. Make your paragraphs a couple of lines long and limit the length of your sentences. Having white space in the body of your email makes it easy to scan and more desirable to read. The shorter, the better!
  • Make them fun (but not too distracting): Design is definitely important when it comes to crafting emails, and an image or a GIF here or there never hurts. However, if you format with too many images that pull the audience away from the content, it can make it too difficult to read. Keep this in mind when you’re working on your content.

Formatting is crucial, and these tips can help you keep your emails short and sweet. 


7. Avoid Spam Words

Let’s imagine that you’ve managed to craft the perfect email using the above email marketing tips. You’re confident that your content looks excellent and you send it out, only to receive no response. 

One hurdle you may have forgotten about is spam filters. These days, the filter technology that big email companies rely on has become far more complex and effective.

If your email subject lines or bodies use certain trigger words like ‘click here’ or ‘explore your business’, your email may very well end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

Fortunately, you can run your content through tools like Spam Analyse to check for trigger words before sending your emails. Over time, you’ll be able to filter these out as you write your content.

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Improve Sales With Better Email Marketing Copy Now

Improve Sales With Better Email Marketing Copy Now

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