7 Traits To Look For When Hiring A Sales Copywriter

7 Traits To Look For When Hiring A Sales Copywriter

7 Traits To Look For When Hiring A Sales Copywriter

Looking to hire a talented sales copywriter for your business? So, you’ve decided to hire a professional sales copywriter to help boost your sales, drive organic traffic, and take your business to the next level.

Excellent strategy!

But how can  you make sure you hire the best sales copywriter for your business?

How can you make sure they’re the right fit for you?

Well, even though you get along with the person and like their personality and style, they should have developed certain essential skills. These skills are part of a sales copywriter job description and are critical to your success — so, you shouldn’t overlook them. 

At Copywriting Crew, we know the many reasons why our clients decide to hire professional copywriters. But we also know that it can be challenging to find the best sales copywriter for your business.

That’s why to make it easier for you, in this blog post, I’m sharing the seven essential traits every effective sales copywriter should have.


Copywriting is a highly creative career, and creativity is one of the top skills an effective sales copywriter should possess. I often compare it to method acting. For each new assignment, the copywriter must soak in different briefs and scenarios, embody their clients’ buyer personas, and adapt their style and voice. 

Unfortunately, creativity is one of the most difficult qualities to find. Many sales copywriters struggle to remain creative when met with deadlines, word count limitations, and specific guidelines. That’s why experienced copywriters who can meet clients' expectations and add creative flair to sales copy are highly valued.


A good sales copywriter doesn’t read clients’ requirements and immediately starts writing. That’s because effective sales copy requires them to follow a meticulous process. So, once they’ve received a brief, the best sales copywriters will first put their detective hats on and conduct in-depth research into the subject. They’ll study their clients’ unique selling points and analyse their audience’s needs. They’ll also identify the target market’s pain points, the specific language they use, and the kind of content they like and share. Lastly, they’ll add stats and cite their sources to help you establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Then, they’ll work on assembling these pieces of information and bringing them to life in a compelling piece of content that will resonate with the consumers they’re trying to reach.

sales copywriter



Your sales copy has exactly 8 seconds to grab your ideal customer’s attention, pull them in and convince them to take action. 

That’s right. 8 seconds. 

So, if there’s one critical skill your sales copywriter job description should feature, it’s the power of persuasion. After all, online marketing is all about persuading a prospective customer to purchase a product or service.

A seasoned sales copywriter knows the best techniques, tools, and strategies to optimise your content and make it digestible. They’re also adept at leveraging the power of words to elicit emotions, helping you connect with prospective customers.

Therefore, leaning on their unique skills and expertise, a professional copywriter will be able to turn your vision into engaging sales copy and convince your web visitors or readers to click your call-to-action buttons.  


It’s no secret that these days, consumers don’t just buy products or services anymore. They buy stories. They want to be entertained and engaged, but most of all, moved. 

Competition is fierce. Emotionally moving your customers through your copy will allow you to stand out and build strong connections with them. To do so, a professional copywriter needs to uncover your ideal customer’s fears, hopes, needs, and expectations. Therefore, they have to put their own fears, hopes, and desires aside and put themselves in your audience’s shoes. This way, they’ll be able to feel what they feel, address their pain points, and convey your story effectively.

So, being empathetic is a critical trait a sales copywriter job description should include.

Write Attention-Grabbing Hooks And Headlines

With so much information available out there, grabbing your customers’ attention can be challenging. Yet, that’s exactly what a great sales copywriter can help you achieve. 

They know how to create intrigue with headlines and introductions and capture the reader’s or web visitor’s attention. Their unique skillset will encourage your prospective customers to keep reading your content and help move them down the sales funnel. 

For instance, in 2020, the show ‘’Tiger King’’ aired on Netflix. The logline read, “meet Joe Exotic, the gun-toting operator of an Oklahoma big cat park. He has been accused of hiring someone to murder his chief rival, Carole Baskin’’. 

Now, even if you’re not into these kinds of shows, the copy has to have you wondering what this series is all about and enticing you to click. At least it worked with 34 million people within the ten first days after being released! 😉

Write Attention-Grabbing Hooks And Headlines

Write Attention-Grabbing Hooks And Headlines

Not Seeking Perfection

Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. 

Sure, working with a perfectionist can be reassuring. That way, you know that your copywriter will never deliver substandard sales copy. They’ll consistently work toward turning your brief into a high-quality piece that will convert like crazy. 

But copywriting is an art, and as American author Edward Abbey put it: ‘’“Great art is never perfect; perfect art is never great.” Seeking perfection is time- and energy - consuming and can deplete your copywriter’s creativity.

A professional copywriter knows that copy can always be tweaked and improved. Yet, they have the ability to look at the bigger picture. This means that they can stop when they’re satisfied that their work will convey your message efficiently, help you build connections with your ideal customer, and reach your sales and marketing goals.


Always Learning Through Reading

The last skill a great sales copywriter should possess is a thirst for knowledge. That’s right. A good sales copywriter should be an avid reader.

Reading has many benefits for professional sales copywriters. It helps them hone their writing and English skills by enriching their vocabulary and developing their imagination and creativity. It also allows them to keep up to date with industry news and implement the latest sales copywriting techniques.

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Always Learning Through Reading

Where To Find A Great Sales Copywriter For Your Business?

Have you worked with freelance copywriters before and were disappointed? Or perhaps this is the first time you’re looking to hire a sales copywriter?

At Copywriting Crew, we strive to consistently provide our clients with high-converting sales page copy. That’s because we are not your typical service provider. We endeavour to build long-term relationships with our clients and act as a partner rather than a service provider. That way, we can better understand their brand and their offer and help them improve their bottom line.

And to achieve this goal, we only hire the best copywriters. We ensure they all have years of experience under their belt and possess the seven skills listed in this blog post. 

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy professional copywriter to increase your sales, order now or get in touch with me. As the founder of Copywriting Crew, I’d love to chat about your next project and see how we can help!

Hire Top Copywriters

Hire Top Copywriters

Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Copywriters

Question: What exactly does a copywriter do?

Answer: a copywriter uses their writing skills to persuade their clients’ target audience to purchase a product or service. They’re adept at turning a brief or an idea into engaging sales copy that will garner interest and generate sales. And to do so, they need to possess a few critical skills, including:

  • Creativity

  • Research skills

  • Persuasion

  • Empathy

  • The ability to write attention-grabbing hooks and headlines

  • The ability to know when their work is good enough

  • Reading

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