11 Facebook Ad Copy Examples To Learn From In 2022

11 Facebook Ad Copy Examples To Learn From In 2022

11 Facebook Ad Copy Examples To Learn From In 2022

The best Facebook ad copy can generate tonnes of sales. Need inspiration? This article highlights some of the best Facebook ad copy examples of all time and why they work.

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the third most visited website in the world.

And as a business, chances are your potential customers are hanging out on Facebook.

So the best way to reach your target market and improve your sales is to leverage the power of Facebook ads.

Sure, it’s an investment.

But Facebook ads provide the highest ROI of all paid advertising channels! That’s why 93% of social media marketers use Facebook ads to promote their products or services.

Need inspiration?

I’ve compiled below 11 Facebook ad copy examples to help you create compelling Facebook ads for your target audience. Learn from these examples to improve your engagement, sales, and ultimately, your bottom line.

As a bonus, I’ve also recorded a video to teach you how to spy on your competitors' Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Example #1: Sephora

facebook ad copy examples 1


During the 2017 end-of-year holiday season, Sephora launched a mobile-optimized Facebook ad campaign to drive its offline and online sales. The campaign resulted in a 41% higher click-through rate compared to its previous digital campaigns.

What makes this Facebook ad work?

What explains the tremendous success of this ad is a combination of factors, including:

  • Using ‘’tabs for Canvas’’ to provide a personalised shopping experience to the viewer

  • Leveraging the power of video ads

  • Eliciting emotions with engaging Facebook ad copy. This ad creates a feeling of happiness and excitement for viewers, as they're about to give someone they love something that’ll show how much they appreciate them and how amazing they think they are. 

  • The ‘’gift under $25’’ offer is compelling and resonates with budget-conscious shoppers still looking to spoil their friends and family. 

Facebook Ad Example #2: P.F. Chang’s

facebook ad copy examples  3


P.F. Chang’s is an American Asian-themed restaurant chain operating over 300 restaurants around the world. In August 2017, the brand promoted sweepstakes using Facebook ads. The prize was a trip for two to Napa Valley. The digital marketing campaign was such a hit that the Asian-fusion business totalled half a million sign-ups in a month!

What makes this Facebook ad work?

Here are a few reasons this ad is one of the best Facebook ad copy examples to get inspiration from:

  • Contests are extremely popular, and with the right ad copy and prize, they can significantly drive your engagement and conversion rates. 

  • The call to action is clear and very compelling!

  • This Facebook ad copy inspires authenticity and excites the viewer with the prospect of building vacation memories in one of the best wine regions in the world.

Facebook Ad Example #3: Slack

facebook ad copy examples 2


Slack is a popular messaging app and collaboration tool for businesses. Now, marketing technology is not always easy. Yet Slack does a remarkable job at promoting its offer in a relatable and glamorous way. 

What makes this Facebook ad work?

This is one of the best Facebook ad copy examples I’ve seen for a few reasons:

  • In 2022, ‘’meetings madness’’ is real. That’s why this ad resonates so well with its target market: time-poor business owners, team leaders, and workers. It also taps into the universal hate for meetings. 

  • The brand’s value proposition is clear from the get-go with its enticing offer to help busy entrepreneurs and teams cut down on unproductive meetings—25% of them at that!

  • The tagline ‘’make work better’’ is catchy and memorable. The brand uses simple copy and a casual tone to better connect with the audience.

  • The image makes the ad more playful and relatable using the popular unicorn theme.

  •  The copy plays on emotions, showing workers how they’ll feel after using the app and selling a dream come true.


Facebook Ad Example #4: Sifted

facebook ad copy examples  4


Sifted is a catering business offering in-office lunches. 

When the pandemic started, the company had to find a way to promote its service and reach wary customers. The brand decided to run a Facebook ad campaign to advertise its grocery delivery service. The ad’s success is impressive, with an increase of 972% in conversions, making it one of the best Facebook ad copy examples to get inspiration from.

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • The brand crafted highly relevant copy using compelling words such as ‘’provisions’’, ‘’stock’’, ‘’staples’’, or ‘’hand soap’’. These words resonated particularly well with worried customers given the specific circumstances at the time. This Facebook ad copy example shows how brands can succeed when they know what makes their ideal customers tick and then strive to solve their pain points.

  • Using words such as ‘’contact-free delivery’’’ is a great way to reassure its customers.

  • The call to action is clear and makes shopping easy.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #5: Heal

facebook ad copy examples  5


Heal is a platform offering doctors home and telemedicine visits. This campaign is one of the best Facebook ad copy examples because it shows that you don’t need to be a creative genius to run a successful Facebook ad campaign. A simple photo with a friendly individual combined with relevant copy featuring trust signals can work wonders!

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • The image, featuring a smiley doctor wearing a white lab coat, conveys the feeling that Heal’s doctors are a friendly and trustworthy team committed to helping their patients. 

  • The value proposition is clear. Heal is here to save patients time and provide convenience by offering medical check ups to fit their schedule and not the other way around. One of the main pain points patients experience when going to the doctor is long waiting times. So, using compelling words such as ‘’on-demand’’ and ‘’on-your-schedule’’ is a clever strategy that resonates with the audience.

  • Heal doesn’t just tell customers what it can do for them and assume they’ll trust what the ad says. Instead, the company provides viewers with social proof, letting them know that CNN and other big media outlets are talking about them.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #6: Dollar Shave Club

facebook ad copy examples

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is well-known for its launch video called ‘“Our Blades Are F**king Great”, as it went viral and set the company up for success. The brand’s digital marketing campaigns are famous for their funny angles. And this ad is no exception! 

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • The core target market of Dollar Shave Club is men aged between 18 and 34. The brand perfectly understands their audience and the language they use. That’s why they’ve adopted a humorous tone.

  • Using words such as ‘’ultimate shave gift set’’ and ‘’everything you need’’ makes the viewers feel as if they’re getting their friend a complete shave set, saving them time and hassle on having to shop for any other shaving products. 

  • The call to action is clear and makes it easy for the audience to shop.

  • The image displays all the different products in a shave gift set. Since it’s an online service, showcasing the goods is critical.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #7: Yoga International

facebook ad copy examples


Yoga International provides its 300,000 members with a wide range of online meditation and yoga classes. This ad is one of the best Facebook ad copy examples I’ve come across, with a 29% decrease in CPA (cost per action).

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • Polling ads usually perform well as they’re engaging, fun and prompt the audience to interact with the ad.

  • The copy is simple yet compelling, providing an irresistible offer with its 30 days of free unlimited yoga streaming. 

  • The call to action uses the power word ‘’limited’’, creating FOMO and encouraging the audience to act now.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #8: Fashionphile

facebook ad copy examples


Fashionphile is a successful online resale retailer specialising in pre-owned designer clothes and accessories. This ad was a success, leading to a 76% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend) and a 27% decrease in CPA. That’s why it's on my list of the top Facebook ad copy examples.

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • When shopping online for luxury items, consumers want to be reassured that what they’re purchasing isn’t fake. And Fashionphile knows it. The use of power words like ‘’100% authentic’’ and ‘’guaranteed’’ are trust signals. They make the brand and products feel genuine and help build trust with the audience.

  • The mention of a heavily discounted retail price in the post text right above the image immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. 

  • The image showcases high-quality products with a luxury household name to reinforce the appeal for the core target.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #9: MeUndies

facebook ad copy examples


MeUndies is an apparel brand designing fashionable yet comfortable loungewear and underwear. The company targets consumers who want to have a bit of fun while still feeling comfortable in their underwear, and it uses an engaging and humorous tone. 

This Facebook ad is a great example of compelling Facebook ad copy, reaching 1.5 million consumers and driving a 40% increase in conversions. 

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • The short and fun tagline resonates perfectly with MeUndies’ core target: millennials.

  • The words ‘’ soft’’, ‘’stretch’’, and  ‘’dream about’’ successfully convey the comfortable feeling the brand is going for. Describing how they'll feel after wearing the products is a great way to convince their ideal customers that they need them.

  • MeUndies uses the video format, which tends to perform really well when the video is engaging and fun.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #10: DoorDash

facebook ad copy examples


DoorDash is a successful online food delivery platform. I chose this ad as one of the best Facebook ad copy examples because the copy is great on so many levels!

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • The ‘’run a restaurant” question immediately addresses DoorDash’s target audience. Plus, the copy uses the word ‘’restaurant’’ twice, making it very clear who they're talking to.

  • Question hooks tend to perform well, as they encourage people to think and therefore stop scrolling.

  • The 14-day free trial offer appears in big and bold. This is a great way to get people to sign up as they can try before committing.

Facebook Ad Copy Example #11: Calm

facebook ad copy examples


At CopywritingCrew, we often talk about the importance of providing value-added content to your audience. And that’s exactly what Calm’s Facebook ad copy does. Why is it on my list of best Facebook ad copy examples, you ask? Because it’s simple yet efficient.

What makes this Facebook ad work?

  • This ad doesn’t look like an ad at all. It looks like a simple social media post designed to help the viewer feel better.

  • The content is helpful and helpful content drives sign-ups and conversions. Giving its prospective customers something they can use for free to feel better helps the company build trust and brand awareness.

  • By using social proof signals such as awards they've received, the brand is instilling trust and encouraging viewers to take action.

Want To Write High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy?

We’ll assume the answer is yes! 

The first thing you can do is read many resources on the subject and learn by doing. Researching some of the best Facebook ad copy examples is a fantastic way to learn from successful digital ad campaigns and apply them to your own. Sure, trial and error with Facebook ads can be costly, but it can also teach you a lot. 

We understand that writing compelling Facebook ad copy that resonates with your target audience can be challenging. You might not have the time, or it might simply not be your strength.

If that’s the case, the second option is to outsource your Facebook ad copy needs.

At CopywritingCrew, we’ve handpicked the best conversion copywriters to ensure we deliver high-converting copy to our clients. As an experienced copywriting team, we know the best conversion techniques. And our mission is to leverage them to help you achieve your advertising campaign goals in an affordable way.

Sound like a plan? If you want to boost your Facebook ad campaigns, don’t hesitate to place an order on our dedicated page. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with Jesse to discuss your next campaign and see how we can help!
Hire Top Copywriters

Hire Top Copywriters

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Ad Copy Examples

Question: How do Facebook Ads work?

Answer: Facebook ads allow businesses to target consumers based on many different targeting options from behavior and interests to age, location, or pages they engage with. That’s what makes these ads so powerful.

Question: How do I write good Facebook Ad Copy?

Answer: Writing good Facebook ad copy comes with time and practice. Unfortunately, there’s no magical formula. The best thing to do is to learn from some of the best Facebook ad copy examples, use proven techniques, and find a customisable Facebook ad copy template. And if you’re aren’t getting any results, outsource your needs to a talented copywriting agency. A professional copywriting team will be able to create high-converting Facebook ad copy for your business in no time.

Question: Why is Facebook Ad Copy so Important?

Answer: Facebook is the third-most-visited website in the world, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users. And Facebook ads provide the highest ROI of all paid advertising channels. As a result, competition for customers' attention is fierce on the platform. That’s why creating engaging Facebook ad copy is more important than ever to stand out and grab your target audience’s attention.

Further reading 

Below are some additional resources to help you boost your conversions and sales:

8 Secrets To Writing Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

8 Secrets To Writing Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

8 Secrets To Writing Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

It’s a fact, with over 2.7 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So, regardless of your industry and offer, some of your ideal customers are bound to be on Facebook.

Now, what if I told you that these same customers check their Facebook newsfeed 8 times a day on average?

That’s over 38 minutes a day spent scrolling their news feed and engaging with content!

So, as a business owner looking to increase your reach and boost your sales, the platform provides you with an unrivaled opportunity to reach your ideal customers, grab their attention and entice them to interact with you. 

But to succeed, you’ll need to leverage the power of Facebook ads and craft compelling and high-converting Facebook ad copy. 

Indeed, these days, consumers’ attention is currency, and millions of brands are competing for it.

That’s why highly relevant Facebook ad copywriting is critical if you want your ads to stand out in your target audience’s news feed and hook your ideal customers in.

Writing a high-quality Facebook ad might seem a bit daunting at first, but I’m here to help!

In this blog post, I’ll tell you why Facebook advertising is so powerful before sharing 8 secrets to creating Facebook ads that convert.

Why Does Facebook Advertising Work So Well?

Since its inception in 2007, Facebook ads have gained tremendous traction and have become an essential element of social media marketing campaigns for millions of companies worldwide. 

Here are a few reasons why Facebook advertising works so well for businesses:

Why Does Facebook Advertising Work So Well?

Why Does Facebook Advertising Work So Well?

Facebook Provides a Huge Audience For Brands To Tap Into

In a recent report, Facebook revealed that the platform can now reach up to 2.14 billion people through its ads. Therefore, as a business owner, the platform gives you access to a massive audience, increasing your chances of reaching your target market and improving your sales.

Facebook Provides a Huge Audience For Brands To Tap Into

Facebook Provides a Huge Audience For Brands To Tap Into

Facebook Users Are Engaged

If you’re going to spend time, effort, and money writing compelling Facebook ad copy and advertising your products on the platform, you need to know that your target audience will engage with your ads. 

The great news is that Facebook users spend on average 19.5 hours per month on the app. That's more time spent on this app than any other app. 

Want to know another secret? 

74% of people use Facebook to discover new products and brands, and 86% purchased a fashion, furniture, or electronic product after discovering it on the platform. 

What’s more, research has revealed that the average consumer clicks on 12 Facebook ads every month. 

These staggering facts show that Facebook users actively engage with the platform, including with brands through Facebook ads.

Facebook Users Are Engaged

Facebook Users Are Engaged


Facebook Advertising Allows for High Targeting

One of the main benefits of advertising on Facebook is that the platform offers highly targeted options, allowing you to get your products or services in front of your exact target market.   

Facebook has access to thousands of data points for each user, from purchasing behaviours and personal interests to favourite brands and products. So, by consistently gleaning insights and data about its users’ behaviour and interests, the platform enables you to segment your audience with extreme precision.

Here are some of the most powerful Facebook advertising targeting options:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Marital status

  • Interests

  • Behaviour

  • Location

  • Job title

  • Level of education

  • Income

  • Engagement (targeting users that have engaged with your content in the past)

  • Custom audiences (targeting existing customers and leads)

  • Lookalike audiences (targeting customers that are similar to your best customers)

Having access to such detailed targeting parameters allows you to reach the consumers who are most likely to engage with your ads and purchase your products. 

Besides, the A/B testing feature enables you to test different ad sets using different targeting options. This, in turn, gives you invaluable insights into your target market, allowing you to better understand who your ideal customer is and what Facebook ad copy makes them tick. 

Facebook Advertising Allows for High Targeting

Facebook Advertising Allows for High Targeting

Facebook Ads Have The Highest ROI 

A whopping 93% of marketers use paid Facebook ads to promote their products and services, well ahead of Instagram ads, the second most popular form of social media advertising. That’s because Facebook ad targeting allows businesses to reach their exact target market, send qualified leads to their website, and significantly increase their conversion rate. In fact, Facebook ads provide the highest ROI across all paid advertising channels.

Facebook Ads Have The Highest ROI

Facebook Ads Have The Highest ROI

8 Tips For Creating Facebook Ads That Convert

People don’t buy products, they buy stories. That’s why Facebook ad copywriting is so important.

Your Facebook ad copy is the first impression your audience will get from your brand. It’s your opportunity to harness the power of words to tell an engaging story, entertain, inspire, spark curiosity and convince your audience to click your ad or visit your website.

To help you better understand how to write Facebook ad copy that will drive your brand awareness, engagement, and sales, I’ve shared below 8 of my secrets and some compelling brand examples. 

Understand and Target The Right Audience

Understanding and targeting the right audience is critical when creating your paid Facebook advertising campaigns. If you want your ads to resonate with your audience and entice them to take action, you need to know what they like, what they need, what makes them tick, and how to speak to them. 

Only then will you be able to write relevant and high-converting Facebook ad copy.

Here’s a great Facebook ad copywriting example by e-commerce platform Shopify. In its ‘sell your crafts on FB’ advertising, Shopify does a great job of creating Facebook ad copy that resonates with its audience. That’s because the company has perfectly segmented its audiences and understands what makes its prospective customers tick, what their pain points are, and how to trigger an emotional response.

Facebook ad copywriting example

Facebook ad copywriting example

This specific ad targets potential Shopify users who have a hobby, a passion, or craft products they could monetise but haven’t yet. The copy is compelling because it plays on the readers’ emotions by creating hope, which persuades them to monetise their talent and make money from their passion.

Does Your Message Match?

Your Facebook ad copy should always match your landing page copy to the letter. Unfortunately, many examples of copy for Facebook ads don't match the landing pages consumers are sent to after clicking an ad. This creates a disconnect and sends mixed messages, creating confusion in consumers’ minds.

For instance, in the example below from Coursera, a popular online course provider, the ad copy mentions social media courses. The ad clearly targets people who want to up their social media marketing game. However, once users click on the ad, they get redirected to a landing page offering digital marketing specialisation. 

The lack of consistency between the headline on the Facebook ad copy and the landing page’s headline can lead users to become confused and exit the page, turning Coursera’s investment and marketing efforts into dust.

Facebook ad copywriting example

Facebook ad copywriting example 2

On the other hand, World Nomads, an Australian insurance company, has nailed the message match concept by ensuring their messaging regarding their offer is consistent both on their ad copy and landing page. Once redirected to World Nomads’ homepage, visitors can immediately see they’re in the right place as they’re presented the same content advertised to them previously. 

Facebook ad copywriting example 3

Facebook ad copywriting example 3

Ensuring message match is essential to improve and maintain a high conversion rate and gives your brand more credibility. That’s why using Facebook ad copywriting services might prove an excellent investment as it’ll help build trust with your customers and improve your bottom line down the track.

Write Engaging Post Text

On a Facebook ad, the post text is located at the top of the ad, just above the image. And as such, this is the first thing consumers will see besides your image. It’s a critical element when designing your Facebook ad. That’s because it can either entice your audience to engage with your brand or deter them from trying to get to know you. 

That’s why I always recommend using professional Facebook copywriting ad services. A professional Facebook ad copywriter will ensure your ad post text turns potential buyers into loyal customers.

Here are a few tips on how to write effective ad post text:

  • The post text should act as a hook to grab your target audience’s attention. One of the best ways to achieve that is to ask a question or state a fascinating fact. 

  • It should always address your ideal customer’s pain points.

  • Make sure to mention the benefits of your services or products.

17hats is a company providing business owners with an automated communication and management tool. Its Facebook ad below works well because it’s immediately addressing business owners’ pain points with a question. Business owners often juggle multiple tasks at once and are thin on time. By suggesting its platform can help them save time, the company instantly captures their attention, enticing them to click the ‘learn more’ button.

Facebook ad copywriting example 4

Facebook ad copywriting example 4

Write A Compelling Headline

The Facebook ad headline is located directly below the image and appears in bold. It’s another essential ingredient of a successful marketing strategy as it immediately conveys your brand messaging.

I’ve listed below my three tips for writing a scroll-stopping Facebook ad headline:

  • Use relevant questions or numbers to persuade users to click your CTA. The idea here is to use a question that your existing customers often ask to capture your prospective customers’ attention.

  • Aim for a catchy five-word headline.

  • Use emotional words to increase your engagement and click-through rate.

Here’s a great emotional Facebook ad copywriting example from Mathnasium, a math tutoring franchise helping children who fall behind at school. By making it clear they’re a business with a mission, they appeal to the users’ sense of purpose, encouraging them to click.

Facebook ad copywriting example 5

Facebook ad copywriting example 5

Create A Click-Worthy Call-To-Action

Did you know that adding a call-to-action button to your Facebook ads can increase your click-through rate by up to 2.85 times?

Call-to-action buttons are an essential ingredient to a successful social media marketing campaign. A compelling CTA will let consumers know what you expect them to do next. And by encouraging them to take the desired action, CTAs will help boost your engagement and conversion rate. 

However, not all call-to-action buttons are created equal. 

The call-to-action button copy should be carefully crafted to resonate with your audience and contain action words to prompt them to click. 

Some of the most popular calls-to-action include:

  • Learn more

  • Try for free

  • Shop now

  • Sign up for free 

However, you can also be more subtle and make your calls-to-action less transactional and more conversational by triggering emotions.

For instance, in the example below, Point Blank spices up its newsletter sign-up form using a fun call-to-action ‘be awesome’ instead of the standard ‘sign up’ or ‘submit’ CTA button.

Facebook ad copywriting example 6

Facebook ad copywriting example 6

Use An Eye-Catching Image

Images are responsible for up to 90% of a Facebook ad’s performance. 

It’s a fact, as human beings, we tend to respond a lot better to visuals than text. That’s because our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So, make sure to select attention-grabbing images when crafting your Facebook ads. 

If you’re wondering what kind of imagery you should use, here are some tips for using or creating Facebook ad images that convert:

  • Select images featuring real people showing emotions (smiling, etc.). This will help the viewer build an emotional connection with the ad.

  • Use bright, warm, and inviting colours, such as bright orange or purple. They’ll make your ads stand out in users’ news feeds and help trigger positive feelings towards them. 

  • Make sure the image (or images) you choose is relevant and consistent with your ad copy.

  • Try to use as little text overlay as possible as Facebook research revealed that the less text you use on images, the better your ad will perform. Note that Facebook limits text overlay on images to 20% to avoid overwhelming users.

Facebook ad copywriting example 7

Facebook ad copywriting example 7

Write A Persuasive Description

Your Facebook ad description serves to explain your headline further and convince users to click your CTA button.

Here are some best practices for writing a convincing Facebook ad description:

  • Include an irresistible offer in the description. For instance, ‘40% off on all accessories’.

  • Highlight your unique selling point. 

  • Communicate a clear promise regarding the benefits your brand will deliver if consumers take the desired action.

  • Create a sense of urgency with words like ‘today,’ ‘now,’ or ‘this week.’

  • Convince people to click the CTA button with words like 'free.'

Facebook ad copywriting example 8

Facebook ad copywriting example 8

Spy on Your Competition

Did you know that Facebook has an Ad Library allowing business owners to browse competitors’ past and current Facebook ads?

If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s nothing better than spying on your competitors and checking what works for them. If your competitors have found the winning ingredients for their ads, why not apply them to your offer?

All you need to do is hop on the Facebook ad library, enter the name of the company you’d like to spy on, and refine your search based on specific criteria such as location or number of impressions. 

A word of advice though, make sure to stay original and add your brand personality to the mix to build engagement, trust, and credibility.

Facebook ad copywriting example 9

Facebook ad copywriting example 9

I’ve Got One More Secret To Share

Using Facebook ad copy services is the best way to fast-track your growth and increase your sales. 

Would you try to repair your leg if you weren’t a doctor? 

Or would you try to do your own filings if you weren’t a dentist?

I’ll assume the answer is no.

While you might feel like you’re saving money, writing and publishing Facebook ads that don’t convert are actually costing you more than hiring a professional copywriter.

Our highly skilled Facebook ad copywriters can help you generate more clicks, get more qualified leads, and stop scrollers dead in their tracks. Each of our incredibly talented wordsmiths has a passion for turning concepts and raw ideas into engaging Facebook ad copy. 

Our mission is to help you succeed.

So, if you’re ready to power up your Facebook ad game and improve your conversion rate, don’t hesitate to book a free 15 min discovery call.

Hire Top Copywriters

Hire Top Copywriters

Further Reading 

Wondering whether you could benefit from using a professional copywriter for all of your copywriting needs?

Here are a few resources that will answer your question:

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Ad Copywriting

Question: Why is Facebook Ad Copy Important?

Answer: Facebook advertising is the most powerful form of advertising in 2022. The platform has the highest ROI across all paid marketing channels and boasts an audience of over 2.14 billion consumers. As a result, crafting compelling Facebook ad copy that resonates with your audience can significantly boost your conversions and sales.

Question: How long should the copy be for a Facebook ad?

Answer: There’s no wrong or right answer regarding the ideal length of your ad copy. However, you should aim at writing clear and concise copy whenever you can. This will help you retain your audience’s attention and move them to action.

Question: What is a good conversion rate for Facebook ads?

Answer: The conversion rate for Facebook ads varies significantly depending on your industry. However, as a benchmark, the average Facebook ad conversion rate across sectors is 9.21%.

Question: What is the best Facebook ad copywriting service?

Answer: The best Facebook ad copywriting service is the one that helps you reach your marketing and sales goals. At Copywriting Crew, we’re committed to helping clients achieve their objectives by providing them with high-quality copywriting services.